Zach Woodlee
Birthday April 27, 1977
Age 35
Gender Male
Title Choreographer
Years Active 1989 - present

Zach Woodlee serves as a mentor on The Glee Project. He is one of today's most sought after choreographers in the entertainment industry and currently works as the choreographer and co-producer on the hit series Glee, setting an industry standard in helping it achieve its iconic pop culture status. Other television credits of Zach's include: "How I Met Your Mother 100th Episode," "Eli Stone" and the "2008 MTV Movie Awards." Along with his television success, he holds extensive film experience, contributing his talents to notable films such as: "Hairspray," "27 Dresses", "Step Up", "Bedtime Stories", "Starstruck", "Eat Pray Love," Life as We Know It" and "Real Steel."


  • He was on team Michael for Season Two.
  • He was on team Lindsay during Season One.




The Glee Project! Zack Woodlee Interview! SEASON 201:24

The Glee Project! Zack Woodlee Interview! SEASON 2

Zack Woodlee Interview Season 2

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