By The Zutons, covered by Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse
Sung by Hannah McIalwain and
Alex Newell
Type Last Chance Performance
Episode Pairability

Valerie was a last chance performance sung by Alex and Hannah in the fifth episode of the first season of The Glee Project, Pairability. It was originally sung by The Zutons and then covered by Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse. Alex and Hannah sung the cover version. For this Last Chance Performance, the pairs sang in the same pairs they did in their Music Videos to reflect the theme of the week. This performance secured both Alex and Hannah a place in the next episode, Tenacity.


Well sometimes I go out by myself
And I look across the water

And I think of all the things what you're doin'
And in my head I paint a picture
'Cause since I've come on home
And my body's been a mess

And I miss your ginger hair
And the way you like to dress

Why don't you come on over?
Stop makin' a fool outta me
Why don't you come on over Valerie?
Valerie, Valerie
Why don't you come on over Valerie?


  • This song was performed by Naya Rivera in Glee's season two episode, "Special Education." Naya Rivera also mentored on The Glee Project in the Season Two episode, Sexuality. </span>



The Glee Project - Valerie Download mp301:11

The Glee Project - Valerie Download mp3

Alex Newell & Hannah McIalWain - Valerie

Amy Winehouse - Valerie04:41

Amy Winehouse - Valerie

Amy Winehouse - Valerie

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