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  • Zhester445

    This is how it would go for me! I'm going to choose six contenders from the first season, and also six from the second season, and they'll go head to head!


    • Cameron Mitchell
    • Emily Vasquez
    • Bryce Ross-Johnson
    • Marissa Von Bleicken
    • Matheus Fernandes
    • McKynleigh Abraham


    • Ali Stroker
    • Abraham Lim
    • Aylin Bayramoglu
    • Charlie Lubeck
    • Nellie Veitenheimer
    • Michael Weisman

    1. Individuality

    • Mentor - Chris Colfer
    • Homework Assignment - Starships by Nicki Minaj. 
    • Homework Winner - Aylin Bayramoglu.
    • Music Video: We Are Young by fun. 
    • Last Chance Performances
    1. Michael 
    2. Abraham
    3. Matheus
    • ​Eliminated: Matheus Fernandes

    2. Sexuality

    • Mentor - Chord Overstreet
    • Homework Assignment - Rumor Has It by Adele.
    • Homework Winner - Emily Vasquez.
    • Music Video: I Want To K…

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  • Zhester445

    Who had the best last chance performance/finale performance in your opinion?

    ABRAHAM: Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson.

    ALI: Popular from Wicked.

    AYLIN: Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher.

    BLAKE: Losing My Religion by REM.

    CHARLIE: Fix You by Coldplay.

    DANI: Landslide by Stevie Nicks.

    LILY MAE: Someone Like You by Adele.

    MAXFIELD: Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson.

    MARIO: Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland.

    MICHAEL: Brick by Ben Folds Five.

    NELLIE: If I Were A Boy by Beyonce.

    SHANNA: What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson.

    TARYN: She never had one.

    TYLER: Smile by Charlie Chaplin.

    8. Someone Like You by Adele. Sung by Lily Mae Harrington.

    7. What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson. Sung by Shanna Henderson.

    6. Brick by Ben Folds Five. Sung by Mich…

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  • Zhester445

    How would it go? Here's my opinion. Tell me yours!! The Glee Project contenders will be the mentors.

    Rachel Berry - Finn Hudson - Kurt Hummel - Santana Lopez

    Tina Cohen-Chang - Artie Abrams - Blaine Anderson - Sam Evans

    Quinn Fabray - Brittany Pierce - Mercedes Jones - Sebastian Smythe

    • Mentor: Alex Newell.
    • HW Assignment/Winner: Starships by Nicki Minaj; Blaine.
    • Music Video: We Are Young by fun.
    • Last Chance Performances
    1. Turn The Beat Around by Gloria Estefan. Sung by Brittany.
    2. Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar. Sung by Finn.
    3. Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac. Sung by Artie.
    • Eliminated: Artie Abrams.

    • Mentor: Aylin Bayramoglu & Charlie Lubeck.
    • HW Assignment/Winner: Rumor Has It by Adele; Santana.
    • Music Video: I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner.
    • Last Chanc…

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  • Zhester445

    What if you ran TGP2?

    August 18, 2012 by Zhester445

    How would it go? And feel free to mix up all the themes in any order. :)

    • Mentor: Chris Colfer.
    • HW Assignment/Winner: Starships by Nicki Minaj; Ali.
    • Music Video: We Are Young by fun..
    • Last Chance Performances
    1. ​What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. Sung by Abraham.
    2. Save Me by Queen. Sung by Lily Mae.
    3. Beth by KISS. Sung by Tyler.
    • ​Eliminated: Tyler Ford.

    • Mentor: Naya Rivera.
    • HW Assignment/Winner: Rumour Has It by Adele; Aylin.
    • Music Video: I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner.
    • Last Chance Performances
    1. ​New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. Sung by Michael.
    2. Ironic by Alanis Morisette. Sung by Nellie.
    3. Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson. Sung by Mario.
    • ​Eliminated: Mario Bonds.

    • Mentor: Heather Morris.
    • HW Assignment/Winner: You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gee's; Blake. …

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  • Zhester445

    I'm leaving out Maxfield & Bryce, because they were eliminated first in both of their seasons.

    • Cameron, Michael, Aylin, Ali, McKynleigh, Nellie.

    • Mario, Marissa, Hannah, Damian, Dani, Ellis.

    • Blake, Lily Mae, Tyler, Abraham, Taryn, Matheus.

    • Shanna, Charlie, Emily, Lindsay, Alex, Samuel.

    • Cameron VS McKynleigh - Need You Now by Lady Antebellum.
    • Nellie VS Ali - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.
    • Michael VS Aylin - Rolling In The Deep by Adele.
    • Eliminated: McKynleigh Abraham, Ali Stroker, and Michael Weisman.

    • Mario VS Damian - I Get A Kick Out Of You from Anything Goes.
    • Ellis VS Marissa - Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard.
    • Hannah VS Dani - The Prayer by Celine Dion.
    • Elimainted: Mario Bonds, Ellis Wylie, and Dani Shay.

    • Blake VS Matheus - This Love by Maroon 5.
    • Lily Mae VS Tyl…

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