So this is my first blog post, and... It's a review of WFL! I should mention that my opinions tend to differ from the mentors' a lot though - I honestly thought Michael and Abraham were great in EOTT, and they were in the bottom 3 - so bear with me!

Michael : Since its Romanticality week, its nice that he used the 'less is more' approach. He sounded better than he probably ever has in any MV, and though he doesn't have much chemistry with Lily Mae they made the most believable pair. And I'm not saying this just because I'm #TeamMichael.

Lily Mae : I was really surprised by how great she was. She sounded great as usual, but after toning down her acting and expressions, she made Maechael really cute and, well, romantic! Honestly, I don't normally like Lily Mae but I was kind of blown away this time. This is probably her best MV performance to date, after HMWYBS/OWOA

Ali : I really feel like Ali has been on a winning streak recently, with three back-to-back exccellent MV performances. But she struggled this time. Boy, did she struggle. Somehow, Blali didn't work for me, and not just because of the lack of chemistry (see: Maechael. They pulled it off). I have a feeling she'll be "Low" this week.

Blake : I feel bad for saying this, but... he bombed. His scenes with Ali were really awkward. Really, really awkward. I suppose they weren't able to connect or something, but the end result was... pretty terrible. Which is sad, because this is speculated to be his first HWA win, and he's never performed poorly before.

Aylin : I know a lot of people are busy shipping Shaylin at the moment, but there was nothing romantic about it. Maybe for Sexuality week, they would've been great, but I really didn't like it too much. Though I would have to say she outperformed her partner, with the cute facial expressions and all.

Shanna : I don't blame her for being uncomfortable. Not because of the religious issue, really, but because I guess it could have been hard for her to portray a lesbian when she's heterosexual. But a lot of the time, she just looked... Uncomfortable. That's the only word for it. Her facial expressions were really forced and though I know she's been one of the most consistent performers, I have a feeling she'll be in the bottom.

My Predictions:

High : Lily Mae or Michael. Both of them did a great job!

Low : Ali. She didn't do well, but honestly speaking, the other three were worse.

Risk : Blake. Sadface.

Aylin. Somehow she was unable to pull it off.

Shanna. I feel terrible already.

Out : Shanna, just because Ryan loves Blake and Aylin. I would say Blake, because the other two are much better vocalists, but the spoilers seem to indicate otherwise.

But wait! The best part of the video, and the one who clearly stole the show:

Figgins! Yes, he was clearly the best part of We Found Love. And its nice to see Glee sticking to its theme of being unrealistic, by sending him to the bathroom for four hours.

Special Mention : How adorable did the contendors look at the end with those big, "we're innocent!" smiles? I LOL'd for 5 minutes straight.


So cute!

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