I was pretty sure nothing would be able to top last week's incredible 'We Found Love' video, but can I just start off by saying how amazing this week's video was? I have thought that 'Actability' would be the best episode since it was announced, because Glee is, first and foremost, a TV show and last season's TGP winners (excluding Lindsay) were not very talented when it came to acting. I was pretty sure that this would prove who really deserved to win this! But, everyone managed to pull off a great performance! Based on the trailer alone, I would say every single person in the top 5 can really act.

My only problem with the video is that the two storylines weren't really connected. We find out that Ali is Michael's sister in a random line, and I kind of wish that there was some better way to show that, or something.

Michael: I've been Team Michael since the beginning, but I have to say he really came into his own this week! I think he won the HWA (based on screen time and the fact that he's the only link between both plots) and I really loved him in this! Okay, the way he yelled some of the lines sounded a bit like he had a weird accent, and he spat in Blake's face (LOL!) but overall I think he checked all the boxes in this video!

Aylin: I'll be honest, I didn't like Aylin in the first few episodes of the season. But this girl is really talented. Granted, she wasn't given very much to work with, but the look in her eyes when she put on that hijab! And she seemed truly conflicted and broken hearted throughout the video! I would have to say she did a terrific job!

Blake: I think Blake is the best actor in this whole competition. And while he did great, I kind of expected more from him, I guess? He pulled off a great performance in my opinion, and was quite convincing as the 'bad guy' (which is a role I don't think he has played before) but I would say Michael and Aylin did better.

Lily: Look, I didn't like this storyline as much as the love triangle, maybe because it seemed like a sub-plot in the trailer. That being said, Lily was pretty amazing. She has been growing on me since her performance of 'I Am the Greatest Star' and I am glad to see her underplaying everything. She acted very well, and I kind of wish she had gotten more screen time.

Ali: I was worried that Ali would overact and not do well, but she also did a great job in my opinion. However I think she was kind of overshadowed by all the other competitors, and might end up in the bottom which is sad as she was on a winning streak...

Footnote: I think I read this in a comment on the Spoilers page, but that first scene with Blake and Michael was just an excuse to have the two guys shirtless! Not complaining, but which guy lies on the hood of a car without a shirt on? I suppose they were tanning or something...

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