So Sam decided to renew Operation: Glee for a second season. Here's the audition form :)

Audition Form:

  • Name:
  • Sex:
  • Age (18-24):
  • Sexuality:
  • Hometown (Within the US):
  • Personality:
  • Backstory:
  • Celebrity Portrayer:
  • Audition Song:
  • Theme Best At:
  • Theme Worst At:
  • What Week Would You Like To Win:
  • Other Info:

Just an FYI, please check that the celebrity portrayer is not currently being used by a character on Glee: The Next Generation since the winner and runner-up here will win roles there. Here's the link. Also please check that they weren't used on Operation: Glee season one. Here's a link for that.

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