Hello, so as most people reading this know, I recently started a fanfic titled Glee: The Next. For some strange reason on the wiki I created both me and another user expirenced a glitch on it. So, I created another wiki so I don't have to deal with the glitch anymore but it happened again. So there's 2 things I can do now, either cancel my fanfiction since without a wiki a big fanfic like this is just...idk...bad, or someone I TRUST AND KNOW VERY WELL can make it for me since I've come to the conclusion that Create a Wiki just doesn't like me. The people I'd trust to make it for me would be... if none of them can do it, I won't be able to do the fanfic...sorry

So ignore all that, I won't be able to do the fanfic since the wiki has a mind-blowing glitch that makes the wiki just unusable, until that is fixed we must wait...

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