So, after many amazing auditions and thoughtful deliberation I have come down to a final cast. So without further ado, here is the cast of season one of Glee: The Next!

Contender Hometown
Allie Clinton Hollywood, California
Anastasia Monroe Augusta, Maine
Charlotte White Tampa, Florida
Elena Martinez Dallas, Texas
Jamie Lee Petaluma, California
Katelynn Huxley Lindsay, California
Natalie Walls Nashville, Tennsessee
Adam Parker New York, New York
Booker DeWayne New York, New York
Drew Smith Norfolk, Virginia
Gabriel Arana Tallahassee, Florida
Jesse Auora Reeltown, Alabama
Martin Dunphy Dallas, Texas
Tom Brooks New York, New York

Thank you to everyone who auditioned and I'd just like to say again, that I'm sorry if your character wasn't picked, we can't have 30 contestants. And here it is...THE WIKI!!!

Please ignore that other wiki, please go to this one.

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