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  • TheWordyBirdy

    So Sam decided to renew Operation: Glee for a second season. Here's the audition form :)

    Audition Form:

    • Name:
    • Sex:
    • Age (18-24):
    • Sexuality:
    • Hometown (Within the US):
    • Personality:
    • Backstory:
    • Celebrity Portrayer:
    • Audition Song:
    • Theme Best At:
    • Theme Worst At:
    • What Week Would You Like To Win:
    • Other Info:

    Just an FYI, please check that the celebrity portrayer is not currently being used by a character on Glee: The Next Generation since the winner and runner-up here will win roles there. Here's the link. Also please check that they weren't used on Operation: Glee season one. Here's a link for that.

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  • TheWordyBirdy

    Hello, so as most people reading this know, I recently started a fanfic titled Glee: The Next. For some strange reason on the wiki I created both me and another user expirenced a glitch on it. So, I created another wiki so I don't have to deal with the glitch anymore but it happened again. So there's 2 things I can do now, either cancel my fanfiction since without a wiki a big fanfic like this is just...idk...bad, or someone I TRUST AND KNOW VERY WELL can make it for me since I've come to the conclusion that Create a Wiki just doesn't like me. The people I'd trust to make it for me would be...

    • Ellie
    • Manny
    • Andrew
    • Sammy
    • or Joey if none of them can do it, I won't be able to do the fanfic...sorry

    So ignore all that, I won't be able to do the fanfic…

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  • TheWordyBirdy

    So, after many amazing auditions and thoughtful deliberation I have come down to a final cast. So without further ado, here is the cast of season one of Glee: The Next!

    Allie Clinton Hollywood, California
    Anastasia Monroe Augusta, Maine
    Charlotte White Tampa, Florida
    Elena Martinez Dallas, Texas
    Jamie Lee Petaluma, California
    Katelynn Huxley Lindsay, California
    Natalie Walls Nashville, Tennsessee
    Adam Parker New York, New York
    Booker DeWayne New York, New York
    Drew Smith Norfolk, Virginia
    Gabriel Arana Tallahassee, Florida
    Jesse Auora Reeltown, Alabama
    Martin Dunphy Dallas, Texas
    Tom Brooks New York, New York

    Thank you to everyone who auditioned and I'd just like to say again, that I'm sorry if your character wasn't picked, we can't have 30 contes…

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  • TheWordyBirdy

    Heyyy people, I know what most of you are thinking, "Who the hell is this person!!" so I'll introduce myself. I'm Delilah and I'm creating my own Glee Project Fan Fic!!! I'm hoping to have 7 boys and 7 girls, so pleaseeeeee audition!! There will be a wiki and if you have like no edits your contender will be eliminated. After everyone reaches 50 edits I will use a randomizer.


    Here's the form:

    • Name:
    • Gender:
    • Age (18-24):
    • Hometown (Within The U.S.):
    • Birthday:
    • Sexuality:
    • Appearance:
    • Personality:
    • Biography:
    • Strength (Singing, Dancing, Acting pick one):
    • Weakness (Singing, Dancing, Acting pick one):
    • Audition Song:
    • Celebrity Portrayer:
    • Musical Style:
    • Episode They Would Do Best In:
    • Episode They Would Do Worst In:
    • Other Informati…
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