So yeah, I'm a Blichael shipper. It's kinda obvious just from my username.

There are two questions on my mind. Is there even Blichael. I guess so. I mean for me, I shipped them ever since the cast was introduced. I have these fascinations of guy-to-guy romance or even simple bromance. And they are the two hottest guys here, so I automatically shipped them. IMO, they're the new Dameron, but let's be honest they cannot surpass their bromance. And then the Party Rock Anthem video premiered. They did a little dance together. A spark added to the Blichael flame. I was disappointed that they didn't kissed. There was a lesbian kiss, but why no gay kiss. I needs me a man-on-man kiss.

The second question is: Am I the only one? Maybe not. But there aren't much either. Sure when I search Tumblr with posts that are tagged Blake Jenner or Michael Weisman, I find a few posts with people saying "Blake and Michael are my new brOTP" or "I'm starting to ship them" and even just a little "Ilike their friendship". There's YouTube. I find a few comments that say "I want Blake and Michael to kiss" or "I like their dance. It's hot and sexy". Like I said, I was disappointed. Really, really disappointed. But in this wiki, it seems like I'm the only vocal fan of Blichael. I keep on posting comments as an anonymous user saying "I want Blichael to kiss. I would die if it happens", but there is no reply.

So looking forward to upcoming episodes, I would like to see how they practiced their little dance for Party Rock. I'm also excited to see the fight scene shown in the supertease. I think it's for Vulnerability because it seems like bullying and the episode is said to center around bullying. Even f it's a fight scene, it's still a Blichael scene and they both look hot. And also in Sexuality I hope they get paired for the music video and sneak in a little kiss or at least some Blichael action in the HWA.

So to all Blichael fans and/or shippers, show some support here. Even just here in this blog. Thank you very much and I hope seeing your opinion.

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