thHello everyone, it's me Sam and I'm introducing to you all... The Glee Project - Harper's Island! If you guys don't know what Harpers Island is, look here!

This will be written by me and Manny.


All the contenders plus the mentrs and Ryan go to an island for Aylin and Charlie's wedding. What is supposed to be a romantic, beautiful wedding turns out to be a vicious game of murder and the murderer is one of them. Tune in to a suspenseful series that will leave you on the edge of your seats!


Abraham Lim: The Black Sheep - Abraham is mischievous and acts childish. He doesn't know when to stop fooling around and often gets himself and others in trouble. Him and Aylin are really close knowing each other from childhood.

Alex Newell: The Diva - Alex is as what it says, a complete diva. He gets in peoples way and come down as condescending, he is Aylin's best gay friend as she says.

Ali Stoker: The Survivor - Ali is a car crash victim survivor, she loves life and treats each day as her last. She's been on Broadway and a T.V. show because of her father Ryan. She is one of Aylin's close friends.

Aylin Bayramoglu: The Bride - Aylin is getting married to Charlie. She's an aspiring actress, and wants to be a famous actress. She isn't too excited to be getting married on a deserted island but she loves Charlie too much to not say yes.

Blake Jenner: The Other Man - Blake is Aylin's ex-boyfriend. He's bitter about their relationship even though he's the one who broke up with Aylin. He's going to the wedding unbeknownst to anyone, his plan is to crash it.

Brooke Lipton: The Dancer - Brooke is Hannah's mother, she loves her daughter a lot and always comforts her when she complains about her weight. She's an excellent dancer, she's going to the wedding because Hannah insisted.

Bryce Ross-Johnson: The Hustler - Bryce is the big, brawny dude in high-school who scared almost everyone and was not too nice. He's a major heart breaker, and is going to the wedding because of his best friend Maxfield, and girlfriend Emily.

Cameron Mitchell: The Nerd - Cameron is the scrawny, geek who everyone used to make fun of, he still remembers the time that Bryce humiliated him in front of the whole school. Is friends with both Charlie and Aylin.

Charlie Lubeck: The Groom - Charlie is getting married to Aylin. It's his idea to have the wedding at the island, he's very different and has odd thoughts and ideas. Loves Aylin very much, and will do anything for her.

Damian McGinty: The Cousin - Damian is Charlie's second cousin. He didn't even know who Charlie was till a few months prior to the wedding. He originally is Irish.

Dani Shay: The Gray - Dani is a peaceful, kind young woman. She thinks she's not lesbian because she likes girl because she doesn't think she's fully a girl, or fully a boy, a mix of both. She is the half sister of Lily Mae.

Ellis Wylie: The Flower Child - Ellis is girl who everyone thinks is sweet but she's actually a bitch. People often mistake her to be younger than she really is. She took up the job as being the flower child herself. She is one of Charlie's good friends.

Emily Vásquez: The Flirt - Emily is a sassy, sexy Latina. She loves having fun and is a sex bomb. She loves hitting on guys all the time, she is dating Bryce.

Erik White: The Perfectionist - Erik has OCD, which causes him wanting everything to be perfect. He is Aylin's acting manager and helped her a lot when she was struggling.

Hannah McIalwain: The Comedian - Hannah is the upbeat fun girl who livens up the party. She is Brooke's daughter and always gets mad at herself for being overweight, she loves her mother. She had a crush on Charlie but grew over it, is at the wedding for him.

Lily Mae Harrington: The Drama Queen - Lily Mae is over-dramatic and takes everything too seriously, she cries a lot over the smallest things and pisses lots of people of. She is the half sister of Dani, and a great friend of Aylin, treating her like a sister.

Lindsay Pearce: The Socialte - Lindsay is a snobby bitch. She's extremely rich and a socialite, she travels around the world meeting with celebrities. She knows Aylin from a party they both attended and they both became friends, she went to the wedding to broaden her experience.

Mario Bonds: The Outcast - Mario is blind and often feels left out. He could get defensive and abrasive at times but he's a nice guy at heart. Charlie's good friend.

Marissa von Bleicken: The Single One - Marissa is very popular, and sassy. She was also anorexic for a time period in her life just to be pretty. Her and Aylin are really great friends.
Matheus Fernandes: The Outsider - Matheus has an attitude which can get him in trouble sometimes. He doesn't feel normal because of his disorder. He kind of is friends with Charlie.

Maxfield Camp: The Jock - Maxfield is the quarterback of the high school football team, he's the guy that all the girls died for and the all guys wanted to be. One of Charlie's best friends, going to the wedding with is best friend Bryce.

McKynleigh Abraham: The Cowgirl - McKynleigh is a cowgirl, she's a lesbian and has a crush on Aylin, she told her feelings to her. They became best friends since.

Michael Weisman: The Best Man - Michael is Charlie's best friend. He's a nice guy and is dating the love of his life, Nellie.

Natalie Carter: The Wedding Planner - Natalie doesn't have much information and not much is known about her, except she's a local resident on the island and is the wedding planner for Charlie and Aylin's wedding.

Nellie Veitenheimer: The Maid of Honor - Nellie is Aylin's best friend. She's a sweet girl but is very quiet, shy, and introverted. She's dating Michael who she loves very much.

Nikki Anders: The Mother Figure - Nikki is the motherly figure for Charlie since his mother died. She visits him sometimes, she doesn't like Aylin and isn't too happy they're getting married.

Robert Ulrich: The Uncle - Robert is a kind, he is very optimistic and helpful. He is Charlie's uncle and is cheering his nephew on for his wedding.

Paul Jameson: The Reverend - Paul doesn't have much information and not much is known about her, except she's a local resident on the island and is the reverend.

Ryan Murphy: The Writer - Ryan is a writer for a famous T.V. show, Ali is Ryan's daughter and he is still shaken by what happened on her. He put her on Broadway to let her achieve her dream and starred her in his show, he's going to the wedding with his daughter.

Samuel Larsen: The Rocker - Samuel is the rocker, he's wild and enjoys life. He's in a punk rock band, Aylin met him once at one of his concerts, and they've became friends since.
Shanna Henderson: The College Buddy - Shanna was Aylin's BFFL in college. They lost contact when Shanna went for music and Aylin went for acting, they've reunited months prior to the wedding.

Taryn Douglas: The Loner - Taryn is a quiet girl, who doesn't have many friends. Charlie and she had a small fling during a meet in a hotel. They stopped meeting but Charlie still treats her as a friend.

Tyler Ford: The Sunshine - Tyler is a transgender, he's a very kind person and treats everyone really kindly never saying any hateful things toward them even though he's been bullied so much. His laugh brightens the room and he's a breath of sunshine. He is one of Aylin's close friends, and Abraham's best friend.

Zach Woodlee: The Friendly One - Zach is friendly, and he's also gay. He's been made fun of that when he was young, so he treats other kinder than they treated him. He saw Aylin for one of her auditions as a choreographer, they became friends.

Death Chart

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Lily Mae D

L  The character lived in the episode.
 D  The character was killed in the episode.
 S  The character committed suicide in the episode.
   The character was revealed to be the killer in this episode.
 S  The character survived the murders.

Death Chart 2.0

Character Episode Of Death Victim # Death Killed By
Lily Mae Harrington Gurgle 1st Victim Drowned Unknown

Episode One (Gurgle)

Aylin's POV

It's so exciting being where I am. In a matter of days, I'm going to be married with the boy that changed my life forever - Charlie. Charlie David Lubeck. He helped me become what I wanted most, an actress. The boy is amazing, he even wrote me a song and the title is my name, how more romantic can he get? The thing that creeps me out is that we're having the time of our life at a deserted island, I'm not thrilled going to a deserted island where several murders happened but it's probably not too bad... right?

I get on the boat, it's about to sail off. Everyone makes their way on, I notice Nellie, and Lily Mae, I love them both and they're my closest friends here. I run over to them and hug them both. I hear a noise and look behind me and see a shadow in the water, maybe I'm just being paranoid, maybe not. Lily says that she wants to admire the water since it's her first time being on a boat. She makes her way to the front of the boat, I smile as she walks away.

Charlie's POV

Aylin. Aylin, Aylin, Aylin. She's the only thing that comes up in my mind now, three weeks ago I released my debut EP and now I'm getting married to Aylin, this past year has been the best time of my life. I know that Aylin has her concerns about getting married on a deserted island but she needs to trust me, I want this to be unforgettable, something we can show our children, something that we can hold on to as a sweet memory. My mother, well she's not my mother but I treat her like my mother since my mother well... died. She doesn't like Aylin, she thinks she's not worthy of being my wife but I don't know who she's seeing, Aylin is the best thing that happened to me and I'm marrying her and only her. I hope that she's not mad at me because that's the last thing I need to happen.

On the boat I see familiar faces like my bro Michael, and my ex-girlfriend Taryn. But some of these people I don't really know like the tall athletic woman who's with Hannah and the bulky looking guy hanging with Maxfield. I close my eyes and listen to the sea, it's calling me to it, so serene and beautiful... like Aylin. I see her with her friends, Nellie and Lily Mae. Lily runs off past me ignoring me completely to the waves, does she even know that I'm going to be her "best friend's" husband, she could have said hello, whatever, I'm not going to get myself stressed about it. I need something to eat, yes that's what I need! I hurry off to the kitchen to grab something to munch down on.

Lily Mae's POV

This is a spectacular feeling, my first time ever being on a ship, actually my first time ever being away from land. I've never taken swimming classes, I mean my family used to go to the beach and stuff and I used to go at the water but I never went past the 3 ft. I guess that's something I should've learned since we'll be on an island. I'm so excited for Aylin, her and Charlie make the cutest couple. I stare at the ocean and look down, a blurred reflection meets eyes with me. I turn around and see ______.

I smile and greet them but they don't look too happy, they grab my hand and lead me through what I think is a secret passage-way. I try biting them but they slap me across the face, a red mark is left on my pale skin. I try to get away but it's no use and I give up. "GET OFF OF ME!" I yell at the top of lungs but they cover my mouth and open a door to the back of the boat.

They push me at the end, I almost tip and fall off but I keep my balance. They run up to me, and get out a red ballpoint pen and drive it into my neck, I punch them on the jaw making them fall and try to escape. As I run, pain shoots upward from my leg. I see what is causing it and see the red ballpoint pen, never knew that a pen would hurt this much. I stop on my tracks and ____ runs up to me infuriated. I beg of them to spare me, and tears prickle down my face but they grab my neck and shake me like a rag doll. I swing my arm at their face but they quickly clutch it and lunge it back to me. I can't even breathe anymore, I feel like I'm about to faint, they let go and I catch my breath, my last breath, _____ throws me in the water. I struggle and try to swim, my arms like a bird with broken wings, it's useless. My body can't handle it anymore, I give up and sink to the bottom...

Killer's POV

I smile as I see Lily Mae sink to the bottom of the crystal blue waters, she really suffered - perfect. Stupid overweight bitch, thought that she can escape me, no one can escape me. Now let's see the rest of them die as she did, expect maybe a bit more harsher. I walk back to the kitchen from where I saw Lily through the window, I look and see my next target. Get ready to die, all of you better watch out from me. I smirk and walk away...

Shanna's POV

Me and Aylin have a long history, back in college we were room mates and best friends and we fought, and got back together, and fought, and got back together but then we went our separate paths. My dreams are to become a singer, someone who little children can look up to and call their role-model, but alas no record will sign me. I'm nothing right now I haven't done what I wanted to do, I haven't made my mark on the industry but it will happen, I promise you it will. On the other hand Aylin is becoming a famous actess, she's acted with Natalie Portman and Kristen Dunst, not fair! I envy Aylin, she has the perfect life, the perfect career, the perfect fiancé. I bet that if she was a singer she'd beat me at that to. Ugh, why am I like this, I should be happy for Aylin but for some reason I can't, I don't know why. I need to stop, everything happens for a reason and someday I'll be like Aylin, even better.

I watch Aylin playing around with Nellie, I wonder where the other girl is, the annoying overweight one. Aylin's made me waitress, I don't even know why I'm attending this wedding of hers. I shake my head and get these thoughts out of my head, I mean she didn't force me to waitress, I willingly accepted. My mind is going crazy, I shake my head again and go serve drinks to the "popular" group of morons, a slutty Latina, a slutty Latino, a anorexic ginger, and a jock... the jock is actually kind of cute, I smile as my eyes meet his and he smiles as well, the slutty Latino punches his shoulder and I give them their drinks. "Asshole" I mutter between my breath, and storm back to the kitchen.

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