Hello, I think most of you know me around here, If not, I’m one of the admins on this wiki.

I wanted to give this message to everyone involved personal, but that was quite impossible, so I give it this way.

As some of you know, and others don’t, I have some things going on in my real life at this moment, so I wanted to say to everyone that I’m not going to be very active anymore on this wiki, chat or the other wiki’s I’m admin to.

To some of the wiki’s I’m not really active to, I’m going to strip my user rights, so that means I won’t be admin on them anymore.

As for now, the wiki’s I’m still going to edit are this wiki, the SIMGM wiki and the Les Misérables wiki, the others I’ll visit so now and then, but I’m still going to help when necessary (like with the album art on Operation: Glee wiki)

Also, even though I won’t be very active anymore, this will not mean I don’t want to help start-up/fix wiki’s. If you need any help with it, I’m your man. And Manuel and Pedropipelo, I’m still going to help with you wiki’s.

Thank you.

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