When you have your own wiki or you are admin at one, or you are just a very dedicated editor, it’s nice to know some basics about wiki.

Wikia help

Wikia help is a wiki that contains information about editing and all the basics. They learn you how you can edit, how to add photos, how to manage your account, but also more technical stuff. This wiki is very useful for users who just started editing.

A few other basics

  • the 'enter' tab doesn’t really work on the wiki, if you want to use one enter you can use <br/> after a sentence.
  • To link on the wiki, you can use (example) [[Shanna]]
  • If you want to change the color of the text use (example) <span style="color:gray;"> text </span>
  • In general, articles should use wikimarkup in preference to the limited set of allowed HTML elements. In particular, do not use the HTML style tags <i> and <b> to format text; it is preferable to use Wiki markup '' or ''', or logical style tags. Of course there are natural exceptions: it may be beneficial to use <u></u> tags to indicate something like an example of an unclickable link. The <font> tag should also be avoided in article text; use logical style tags like <em>, <code>, or <strong> to emphasise semantic differences. Use <small> and <big> semantic tags to change font size, rather than setting it explicitly with the font-size= style attribute.
  • Is basic infobox is like this:
|Box title = 
|image = 
|imagewidth = 290
|Row 1 title = 
|Row 1 info = 
|Row 2 title =
|Row 2 info = 
|Row … 

You can always customize them to whatever box you want.
  • To center something, you can use <center> whatever you want </center>
  • Everything, literally everything can be made into a template. Just use Template:NAME (change it with what you want) and add what you want. To use the template, use {{NAME}} (Again into the name you've changed it).
  • To redirect a page, use: #REDIRECT [[Insert text]] . You can use this by making a new page and using the redirect part.
  • To add a category, you can use: [[Category:Category name]]

Main page

The main page is the first thing users see when they come to your wiki, so when it looks nice, it’ll probably attract more users.

  • Sometimes is nice when you split your page in two halfs. To do this, start the page with <mainpage-leftcolumn-start />, this is your left part. To end the left part and start with the right one <mainpage-endcolumn /> <br/> <mainpage-rightcolumn-start />. To end the right part, use <mainpage-endcolumn />
  • Main pages look the best when they have no edit sections and no table of contents. To ditch them, use __NOTOC__ and __NOEDITSECTION__ (This can be used at any page you want, not only the main page)
  • Polls always a great addition to the main page. To make a poll, you can use:
What is your favourite color?

This is just a few basics about the wiki. If you have any questions don’t hesitate but ask them.

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