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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    I hope this guide is a bit helpful, if you need help with anything else, leave a message on my Message Wall or leave a comment below.

    Oh and leave an example of your work below!

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas


    September 21, 2012 by Sunriseondarkenedseas

    Hello, I think most of you know me around here, If not, I’m one of the admins on this wiki.

    I wanted to give this message to everyone involved personal, but that was quite impossible, so I give it this way.

    As some of you know, and others don’t, I have some things going on in my real life at this moment, so I wanted to say to everyone that I’m not going to be very active anymore on this wiki, chat or the other wiki’s I’m admin to.

    To some of the wiki’s I’m not really active to, I’m going to strip my user rights, so that means I won’t be admin on them anymore.

    As for now, the wiki’s I’m still going to edit are this wiki, the SIMGM wiki and the Les Misérables wiki, the others I’ll visit so now and then, but I’m still going to help when necessary…

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    When you have your own wiki or you’re admin on a wiki, it’s sometimes useful when you have some extra options that are very useful for your wiki. Since people design new features all the time and there’s nowhere on wiki a page that includes these options.

    The extra options which are featured on this are not mine, not made by me and do not deserve to be mentioned in any relation to me, I try the include the original owner/designer of it. The only thing I did is collect them and use them on the Glee Project wiki.

    Most of the features on this blog are to be placed on the mediawiki pages. When you follow the steps I’ve added, it should be very easy for you to add them on your own wiki.

    There are lot more features than the ones I’ve added to this …

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    When you have your own wiki or you are admin at one, or you are just a very dedicated editor, it’s nice to know some basics about wiki.

    Wikia help is a wiki that contains information about editing and all the basics. They learn you how you can edit, how to add photos, how to manage your account, but also more technical stuff. This wiki is very useful for users who just started editing.

    • the 'enter' tab doesn’t really work on the wiki, if you want to use one enter you can use

    This is just a few basics about the wiki. If you have any questions don’t hesitate but ask them.

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    Please vote in this poll about the message wall. If you want to know what the message wall is, take a look on this page.

    Thank you for voting!

    Edit: Everybody voted yes, so the message walls will be enabled.

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