Hia there! SugaryDonught here! (My name is Mark.) Auditioning for TGP this year (you should know by now)

Anyway, because everyone else is making some I'm starting my own fan-fiction. But it's different than everyonelse's. The trend going around what I'm seeing is people making up names, making wiki's and spending time out of their lives writing about it. But see my Fanfiction different.

It's the SAME process, but instead of Ryan Murphy being Ryan Murphy, I'm Ryan Murphy. EXACT same Homework
Group 2
Assignment, Music Video and Last Chance Peformance. 1 more twist; instead of the contender singing Keep Holding On, they sing Edge Of Glory.

I'm not asking you to audition, just to check it out. I was thinking that MABYE, I turn it into a audio series, like SIMGM. You know SIMGM? They spoof glee, using Sims 2 and audio. There wiki is here.

Anyway, so I'm thinking of doing that. OR I just write it and add videos and pictures. OR I write it and for their confessions I use Youtube. Here's my YouTube account by the way. FranklyMark. So check it out guys and... STAY COOL!!!

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