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    An Update on TGP3

    June 13, 2013 by SteelDeath

    I'm sorry for the wait, but I have a tab open where I'm writing the episode now so it's coming very, very soon! GET EXCITED!

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    If you're lazy and don't want to go to for the episodes, I'm posting them here too.


    The group walks into the Glee House, setting their stuff down. They all look excited, especially Jade.

    JADE: I can't believe we're finally here!

    KARLA: Holy crap, this place is awesome!

    Robert Ulrich walks through the door. He flashes a smile to the contenders before pressing his fingertips together and speaking.

    ROBERT: Hey guys! Welcome to the I Hope I Get It. Are you ready to learn week one's theme?

    ALL: Yeah!

    ROBERT: Okay, this week's theme is.... Individuality!

    Several cheers and exclamations of joy ring out.

    ROBERT: Settle down. Your homework assignment is We Are Young by FUN.

    More cheers.

    ROBERT: Well, here ar…

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    And here is our cast. The wiki is up at so go check it out guys!


    Clarissa (formerly Clark) Holzer - BiggestGleekEver27 .33

    Ariana Channing - Theatregleek1995

    Alicia Hayes - SweetDreams26

    Karla Crawfood - 13Fearless

    Hollie Ruthberg - Krazysam 16

    Jade Baker - Sunshine Rainbow Bunny


    Tyson Sazzh - Nm9309

    Jacob Crosby - 13Fearless

    David Chesterfield - BlakeJenner

    Tom Brooks - Veku123

    Darren Fields - Odaireverdeen

    Carter Grant - GleekOut2587

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    Hey guys, everyone else is trying their hand at one, so here's mine!


    • Name:
    • Gender:
    • Age (18-24):
    • Sexuality:
    • Audition Song:
    • Songs for Last Chance Performances:
    • Biography:
    • Hometown:

    Lol, I'm sure no one'll sign up, but I need 6 guys and 6 girls.

    Oh, and get ready for some new weekly themes including my favorite 'Heartbreak-ability'.

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