Considering that the Glee Project Wiki really doesn't have any fun in it, I've decided to make this blog. I would try to make this wiki lively by creating my own "Glee Project". I'm just going to cut this short, I only want 12 competitors, all having voices (from famous or not singers) and get me a link to the voice. I want to know their style and their personality. It's still a reality show so they will not be kicked out for misconduct and "rude behavior". I just want you to express what you would like to be on the glee project or what you want to see on the show. PLEASE, try your best and put effort into your character.

P.S. I would pick the best singer that would make a good actor and that looks young enough to portray a teenager. All links MUST be from Youtube or some video showing-type website. If you are confused, I'll make a quick example:

Name: Kellie Romanella

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Appearence: Dresses like Rachel on Glee. -Please be more descriptive.

Voice: Katy Perry

Personality: Super Sweet, doesn't want to cause any trouble. -Please be more descriptive.

Who/What They Hate: She hates fake people and people who take her spotlight.

Audition Song: Hot 'n Cold

Thank you soo much for reading!! Auditions end April 16!

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