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    After much deliberation, I've finally come to my conclusion on who's called back. Congratulations to everyone who has been, I obviously couldn't pick everyone.

    Contenders Age Hometown
    Johnny Milton 18 Miami, Florida
    Chloé Christin 18 Friuli, Italy
    Connor Matthews 19 Manhattan, New York
    Hattie McBride 19 London, UK
    Arya Patel 19 Chicago, Illinois
    Erin Morris 18 Miami, Florida
    Jonas Hayfield 20 Florence, Italy
    Natalija Kovač 18 Auckland, New Zealand
    Alice de Soares 18 Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
    Amanda Richelieu 19 Jakarta, Indonesia
    Hinton Anders 20 Paris, France
    Keiron James 20 Chicago, Illinois
    Martin Dunphy 21 Dallas, Texas
    Troy Bowman 18 Columbus, Ohio

    I will make the Wiki within the next couple of days and the first episode should be up within a…

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    Don’t go anywhere because Oxygen's The Glee Project is returning with its third season. Auditions have just opened up, both online and casting. Robert J. Ulrich and Ryan Murphy are back, and they’re ready to find the new cast, a spin-off competition series, where the winner will win a guest role on Glee.

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the world that is Glee? Well here’s your opportunity! Below is the all-important audition form to enter your own contestants into the hit reality show!





    Form of Audition?



    Personal Life/Backstory:

    LCP Songs:

    Best Week Theme:

    Worst Week Theme:'

    What character would they play if they were on Glee?

    Week your contender would like to win:


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