Overall, this wasn't a bad video. I'd give it a four out of five. But let's get to the opinions, shall we? C:


Michael x Lily - Even though I can not see them together, they did an excellent job! There were some points where she was stronger, but they didn't do bad. 4/5 for these two.

Blake x Ali - Happy to see Blali <333. They were both ok, but not the best. Their chemisty was alright too. 3/5

Shanna x Aylin - Shaylin <333 Cute <3 Except they reminded me a lot of Brittana. 3/5

Figgins x The beat - You go Figgins! 5/5

So here's how I'll rank the pairings:

1. Figgins x Beat

2. Michael x Lily

3. It's a tie for Blali and Shaylin.

I'm not going to list who I think will be in the bottom, because it was basically confirmed in the promo.

Your own thoughts?

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