Hi everyone! :3

As you probably already saw, I posted four out of the 14 people called back to season three. Since I'm filled with excitement, I decided to post the full callback list! :D If you didn't get it, it still doesn't mean I didn't like your character.


Chace Livingston
Eddie Cho
Oscar Mortley
Booker DeWayne
Ashwin Chima
Samuel Douglas
Riley Keaton


Heather Smith
Vixen Monroe
Blaize MacKenzie-Foster
Tracy Jilliard
Shane Pak
Eve Faulkner
Lennox Alexandra Petrova

Congrats to those who got in! The wiki is here:

[TGPS3 Wiki]

Do not add anything yet! I will soon.

UPDATE ON 11/3/12: I'm going to try and work on the first episode today and tomorrow, so it might be up tomorrow. Also, all the character pages are on the wiki, all they need are the userboxes and they are good to go (which Manuel will make). You may only edit your characters page if you want to add anything for now.

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