Hi, it's one of your fellow admins, Silvereye1. But you can call me Silver for short C:

I have currently decided to start a fanfic of Season 3 for TGP. None of you have seen my writing, but I promise you it won't be filled with mistakes and such. I will be accepting 6 girls and 7 boys (I have a girl character of my own I'll use.) And I will be seeing which of the auditions would fit into the glee world. One more thing, if someone could make the wiki for this once everyone is picked, that would be awesome! (Just make sure you make me admin.)

Remember, no perfect people! I'd also prefer if your character didn't have a back story of rape or severe self harm. I'd rather not write about it.

Here are the audition songs. If you haven't listened to them that's ok. Also, I'd prefer it if everyone didn't pick Lights or Saturday Night because they were on TGP. You can, but I don't want to see a lot of those too.:

Red - Taylor Swift

How to Save a Life - The Fray

Everytime - Britney Spears

It's Time - Imagine Dragons

Some Nights - fun.

Lights - Nellie Veitenheimer

Saturday Night - Maxfield Camp

The Scientist - Coldplay





Audtion Song:




Weaknesses: (Of these three; Singing, acting, and dancing)

Strengths: (Using the same ones above)

Preferred Genre:

Theme they'd do best at:

Theme they'd be the worst at:


Thank you for auditioning! :D

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