For anyone with cable who can watch "On Demand", the music video for episode 3 of season 2 is now on there, with "Everybody Hurts" by REM. I watched about six times so far, and the first time was heart breaking. Here are my opinions for everyone's performance.

Nellie - The tone for her voice was just right in her scene. It was sad, and she showed the emotion perfectly.

Ali - ;-; Michael, don't throw her papers right off her lap! The look on her face when he did that was exactly how someone would react to that. Her singing was soft, but it fit the mood.

Charlie - His singing was good, and he did show hurt when he was pushed on the sidewalk.

Blake - Near the end of his part, he sounded more angry than the beginning. His singing was ok, but it wasn't like everyone elses.

Mario - The part where he was bullied was heartbreaking. He was so helpless... His singing was wonderful, despite he couldn't show his feelings through his eyes.

Michael - He looked scared/frightened when he was being pushed around by Blake and others. As usual, his singing was great.

Tyler - His part was short, and his voice was more pitched than usual. Maybe he was trying to show his female side more?

Shanna - Her part was good, a lot better than last week. And she showed emotion easily as if it was natural (Which can be good and bad, since in her part she almost started to cry.)

Lily Mae - When she sang, she gave it all even if it was soft.

Aylin - Her voice was perfect for the lyrics, and she looked like she was hurting when Lily was pushing her into the ground.

Abraham - D: Where'd his red mohawk go? Anyways, he showed emotion when he was being pushed into he wall, and his singing was good too.

I can't wait for next week to see the full episode :3.

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