As most of you all know, a fan favorite among The Glee Project, Nellie Veitenheimer has been eliminated last night on the episode Theatricality. While most of the fanbase is in an uproar, saying that Ryan Murphy should die and that Lily or Abraham should have gone home. If you look at it closely though, you should realize that Nellie doesn't need Glee. Glee is the one that needs Nellie.

Ryan Murphy probably had a good reason for not letting Nellie go into week eight. Despite the fact that I'm angry about him eliminating her last night, she's better off.

Think about it. She has a remarkable voice that is defiantly unique towards the other contenders. But they all have unique voices, even Ali, who can't even use the organs you normally sing with. If you put Nellie on Glee, you'd either say she's better than Lea Michele, or have no idea who's better, since they both have good voices.

Earlier on twitter, I saw Nellie made a tweet saying this has only begun. For her sake, it has, and her journey will never end. There are many ways you can support her, like buying her songs, voting for her as fan favorite, and telling her how much you love her and her voice. This is only the beginning for her, so you shouldn't be angry at Ryan. You should be thanking him in my opinion. If it weren't for him accepting her on this show, she wouldn't have gotten her start.

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