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  • Silvereye1

    The title says it all :D This means there's a chance of another season of TGP! That is if Oxygen decides to renew, despite the ratings last year. 

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  • Silvereye1

    (Note, the difference between the episodes on here and on TGP wiki are these contain the whole music video, and the other ones only contain a snip of it. Also, bold means it's a confessional.)


    So there's a little show called Glee on Fox that airs on Thursday at 9 PM Eastern. It has been renewed for a fifth season, a one day hopefully a sixth. Ryan Murphy has already produced two amazing seasons of The Glee Project, and now it's time for a third one. And over 80,000 people auditioned. They then went down for 80,000 to 1,000, then 1,000 to 80, then 80 to 40. And then finally 40 to 14 contenders. Those contenders are Ashwin, Blaize, Booker, Chace, Eddie, Eve, Heather, Lennox, Oscar, Riley, Samuel, Shane, Tracy, and Vixen. That's you need to …

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  • Silvereye1

    Hi everyone! :3

    As you probably already saw, I posted four out of the 14 people called back to season three. Since I'm filled with excitement, I decided to post the full callback list! :D If you didn't get it, it still doesn't mean I didn't like your character.


    Chace Livingston
    Eddie Cho
    Oscar Mortley
    Booker DeWayne
    Ashwin Chima
    Samuel Douglas
    Riley Keaton


    Heather Smith
    Vixen Monroe
    Blaize MacKenzie-Foster
    Tracy Jilliard
    Shane Pak
    Eve Faulkner
    Lennox Alexandra Petrova

    Congrats to those who got in! The wiki is here:

    [TGPS3 Wiki]

    Do not add anything yet! I will soon.

    UPDATE ON 11/3/12: I'm going to try and work on the first episode today and tomorrow, so it might be up tomorrow. Also, all the character pages are on the wiki, all they need are the us…

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  • Silvereye1

    So, Gage gave me a good idea; to announce a few characters called back to keeps people on the edge of their seats. I liked it, so I'll be announcing 3 characters; 1 girl and two boys. That way you know 4 out of the 14 contenders.

    First contender to be called back is...

    Vixen Monroe made by Orbstar!


    Eddie Cho made by Rory sugar123!

    Third contender to be called back...

    Chace Livingston made by Gage28170!

    Congrats and good luck to you three! The rest will be announced on Nov. 2nd,

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  • Silvereye1

    Hi, it's one of your fellow admins, Silvereye1. But you can call me Silver for short C:

    I have currently decided to start a fanfic of Season 3 for TGP. None of you have seen my writing, but I promise you it won't be filled with mistakes and such. I will be accepting 6 girls and 7 boys (I have a girl character of my own I'll use.) And I will be seeing which of the auditions would fit into the glee world. One more thing, if someone could make the wiki for this once everyone is picked, that would be awesome! (Just make sure you make me admin.)

    Remember, no perfect people! I'd also prefer if your character didn't have a back story of rape or severe self harm. I'd rather not write about it.

    Here are the audition songs. If you haven't listened to th…

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