Tonight is a new episode of the Glee project and after this only six (or maybe five) contenders will be left! The finale is getting closer and closer, and everyone is aching to know who will take it all and join the Glee Project cast.

In preparation, I’ve been thinking about the characters the contenders could portray. Since it takes me a pretty long time to make up and write down these character write-ups I will do only one or two at a time. For my first one, I’ve chosen Aylin, since she is one of my absolute favorites! I've put a lot of time into this but I don't think it's perfect yet, just don't know what it's missing I guess.

Aylin is, as Ryan said, a game-changer. She will represent Turkish Muslim girls around the world. And she will represent those girls that want to get out of the box, and be flirty.

I would love to see Aylin play a girl with a secret. It’s kind of similar to Mike Chang’s story: she hides her true self from her parents, but in a different way. While Mike hides what he sees as his purpose in life, dancing, Aylin would hide her flirty, fun personality and style. Everyday, she leaves home dressed in a very decent way, looking a little plain and very tidy. But as soon as she arrives, she puts on make-up, takes of her sweater and walks the halls of McKinley looking confident and sexy. She loves performing and quickly becomes a member of the Glee club. But at some point, she starts flirting with a guy in glee club (I don’t really know who to be honest – maybe multiple), setting off a female club member (or multiple glee club members). Since the Glee club members know she hides her true personality from her parents, the female club member gets her parents to show up to a performance. After the performance, Aylin walks out in her own clothes with the Glee club members, and when her parents see this they get extremely mad. They forbid her to wear the clothes she likes to wear and become very strict, making her quit Glee club because they think it is a bad influence on her. Since this has happened very close to a competition, the Glee club is now incomplete. When the female club member who busted Aylin sees how miserable she is having to hide and compromise herself, she begs Aylin to return, saying she hadn’t realised how this would have changed her life that much. Aylin however doesn’t want to turn her parents off any more, so she refuses to come back. The Glee club members eventually seek contact with her parents, to try and convince them that Aylin is needed and they can’t find another member that quickly. When Aylin comes home from school that day she fights with them, saying she is tired of hiding herself, and she wants her parents to accept them for how she is. In the end, her parents decide that she can perform in Glee club. After, Aylin could be blended as a confident character with love interests, etc.

This character write-up is not perfect. At least, that’s how I look at it. But the main plotline is something I would like to see her perform, even though she would be great any way! I do think this part might be a little too big because she might not get as much screentime. But hey, one can dream!


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