Hi everyone! And welcome to my first blog post. Right now we’ve seen seven episodes. And with seven contenders remaining, I’ve decided to finally join the Glee Project wikia and write my first blog. In this blog post I am going to try to predict the progress of the remaining contenders! Remember that it is also my own opinion, kind of. :)

1. Abraham - According to some spoilers, he will not make it to the finale and actually be eliminated quite soon. This is something I believe will happen. I love Abraham because his story relates to mine (a law student with a huge passion for performing). But from the beginning, looking at the editing, he didn’t stand a chance. He does not get much screentime. Also it doesn’t seem like Ryan likes him too much: during his last chance performances he gave him bad feedback (telling him to cut the diva and stop flattering, and saying Ali overpowered him during Last Friday Night). All this information combined makes me believe that he will be going home soon.

2. Ali – She has an amazing voice and an awesome story. She is also a great performer. Even though I have my doubts about her, I do think she has a good chance and might be going to the finale. The mentors obviously love her and her attitude. Speculated is that the episode ‘actability’ will give her a hard time. I do think this theory could be accurate, but we will have to see. She is of course a broadway actress and she does over-act a lot. Maybe she will overcome this obstacle, but she might also struggle. For me it is hard to predict her progress because I don’t feel like I know enough. We will have to see :) Because hey, she would make an awesome Nyada student (as someone else on this wikia pointed out to me!).

3. Aylin – I love this girl. And Ryan seems to love her, too. She has struggled, but Ryan is obviously very eager to write a character to her. Last year Samuel and Cameron were loved by Ryan because he wanted to add a Christian character to the show. And Samuel actually won. I think this makes Aylin a clear front runner. She has been fading in the background a bit though. I hope she makes it through, and I think, because Ryan loves her so much, she will.

4. Blake – I don’t quite know what to think of him. My first impression of him was just another hot guy with an average voice. But during the first episode my opinion changed. I like his character, since he’s so goofy and smiley all the time! He has been performing well throughout the competition. He will do a LCP soon though, and I am looking forward to seeing how he will handle this. I do think he is one of the clear frontrunners, and I think he will make it to the finale.

5. Lily Mae – During the first episodes she was edited as a bitch and a bully. I actually think this is a lie. She seems pretty cool. And I think she deserves to make it far, but I don’t think she will. I don’t like her difficult attitude and I think Ryan might get pretty tired, if he isn’t already. But the programme is editing her in a way you don’t want to root for her. And I don’t think she will win because of that – the bitch makes it far, but they give the win to someone the fans love more.

6. Michael – He is edited as the underdog. And the New Directions are going back to being the underdog. Is this a sign? It might be. But still, he does struggle a lot with confidence and stuff. I don’t know about Michael. I like him, and I kind of root for him, but I want to get to know him better because I feel like I don’t know anything about him! Also, Damian was edited as the underdog, and he won. So that’s a good sign, I guess. The underdog almost always gets his moment to shine. I hope he will, too.

7. Shanna – According to spoilers, she will be eliminated. It’s weird, I kind of liked her and thought she would be in the top three. She has an awesome voice and everyone loves her. If she would make it past romanticality, I think she could’ve been the one to take it all. But it is kind of unclear what character she would be, and Ryan doesn’t know her as much as some of the other contenders. So yeah, she might go home before the finale.

And last but not least my prediction, which is extremely vague. After next episode, I will try to post a top 6 without shared places :)

1. Aylin/Michael/Blake

2. Lily Mae/Ali

3. Abraham/Shanna

I would love to know your opinion!

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