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  • She.usedtodream

    Tonight is a new episode of the Glee project and after this only six (or maybe five) contenders will be left! The finale is getting closer and closer, and everyone is aching to know who will take it all and join the Glee Project cast.

    In preparation, I’ve been thinking about the characters the contenders could portray. Since it takes me a pretty long time to make up and write down these character write-ups I will do only one or two at a time. For my first one, I’ve chosen Aylin, since she is one of my absolute favorites! I've put a lot of time into this but I don't think it's perfect yet, just don't know what it's missing I guess.

    Aylin is, as Ryan said, a game-changer. She will represent Turkish Muslim girls around the world. And she will r…

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  • She.usedtodream

    The final seven

    July 20, 2012 by She.usedtodream

    Hi everyone! And welcome to my first blog post. Right now we’ve seen seven episodes. And with seven contenders remaining, I’ve decided to finally join the Glee Project wikia and write my first blog. In this blog post I am going to try to predict the progress of the remaining contenders! Remember that it is also my own opinion, kind of. :)

    1. Abraham - According to some spoilers, he will not make it to the finale and actually be eliminated quite soon. This is something I believe will happen. I love Abraham because his story relates to mine (a law student with a huge passion for performing). But from the beginning, looking at the editing, he didn’t stand a chance. He does not get much screentime. Also it doesn’t seem like Ryan likes him too m…

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