Hey TGP contributors. Most of you had given up on the chance of a season 3. Most have abandoned the wiki. I know if there truly was a season 3, they would have promoted auditions by now. However please do not just assume it is over. Here are some possible reasons where a season 3 could very likely happen without canceling the show:

1. It is very possible of an all star season. Witht the use of contenders from the past 2 seasons, there is no need to host auditions. Thus they can film at the same time and finish at the same time, and have a winner on for season 6.

2. It is possible that they will do things differently. They may host auditions and callbacks during the winter. Next they film during spring and early summer. Then show the season during the late summer and fall. Finally during the fall the winner will be filming for Glee. Therefore, the winner will be able to come onto the show in the early winter and still be able to fill the 7 episode arc.

I am still trying to think of some more reasons. If you have a suggestin please comment. If you need help understanding some of this please ask. Remember to don't give up on hope (cliche but who cares).

- Andrew

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