The X-Factor: Best Overall S2

      Round 0: Reveal of the TOP 20

Round 1- Made in America (Coming Soon)

Welcome to the X-Factor Season 2! After an aswome season 1 I have decided to renew the season! This season we will have 5 CATEGORIES & each category will have 5 ACTS! Meaning their will be 25 ACTS! Meaning their will be  6 episodes of DOUBLE ELIMINAITIONS! The prizes! 1st- a 10 million dollar recording contract, a spread in a magazine, and a role as a JUDGE in a possible season 3. 2nd- 3 Million dollar recording contract & a spot as a judge. 3rd- a spot as a judge in season 3. Wanna meet the ACTS! Here they are:


Eye Catchers- (Grant Gustin,Matheus Fernandez, Mathew Morrison, Samuel Larsen, Cory Monteith)

Dameron- (Damian McGinty & Cameron Mitchell)

Girl x 5- (Taryn Mai, Vannessa Lengies, Hannah Mclwain, Dani Shay, Myckinleigh Abraham)

Victorious 4- (Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Abraham Lim)

343- (Mario Bonds, Maxfield Camp, Chris Colfer)




Y.A (Bayramoglu)   Blake Jenner   Jacob Artist Melissa Beoni.   Becca Tobin   Marissa V.B
Girls (Pearce)  Lily Mae Harr.  Shanna Hend.  Dianna Agron   Lea Mitchell   Nellie Veint.
Boys (Lubeck)  Michael Weis. Brody Weston   Alex Newell   Darren Chris  Chord Overs.

Overs (Cowell)

  Mark Salling   Naya Rivera Jenna Ushowi.    Ali Stroker Emily Vasquez
Groups (Frey)   Eye Catchers     Dameron     Girl x 5    Victorious 4         343


Lindsay Heather Pearce: Girls

Aylin Bayramoglu: Young Adults

Charlie Lubeck: Boys

Simon Cowell: Over's

Cece Frey: Groups

*****I am UPDATING Season 1 Grand Finale, since I already have 30 VOTES, and after I do I will create a SEASON 2- ROUND 1 BLOG! The competition will begin REAL SOON!

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