The Battles of the Shows

           Round 2: Acting Ability

                        TOP 25



Hello there! My name is Eli. You may remember me from Battle of the OTP'S season 1 & 2 or from my many blog posts, but most likely from The Glee Project All-Star Battle. Congrats to Lindsay. She was named the STRONGEST Contender to ever hit TGP History. Now this season will include competitors from OTHER TV SHOWS. Will Lindsay be strong enough to beat them? Or will her old rivals come back and beat her. You decide. Are you ready?

I've decided to continue the series. If you don't know a contestant, look them up. If your that lazy and dont want too, just boot them out. That won't be fair though.

Well, as you can see the 28 competitors are divided into 4 teams. The X-Factor team, The Glee Project Team, The Glee Team, and finally the American Idol Team. Each Team has 6 contenders. I consider those six on each teams the strongest. For TGP I Chose the FINAL 6 from season 1 and 1 strong contender.

This week you will be voting for acting ability. Not everyone there has acted, but look at their perfomances. Do they give a show? Can they act? This week the X-Factor team is saved from a 2-4 people elimination.

Round 2: (Randamizer Order)

1- X-Factor Team

2- Glee Project Team

3- American Idol Team

4- Glee Team

How To Play

  • The 24 contestants will be split into 4 teams. (Glee/Glee Project/American Idol/X-Factor)
  • Each week a theme will be put up. There will be a poll where you decide a TEAM that moves on for that week. The other team that will be saved will be due to a randomizer. So 2 teams immidietly advance.
  • After a team is chosen to WIN(the team the audience chooses), two NEW polls will be added. One, asking which person from the winning team should become this weeks WINNER. Two, asking which 2 contestants should be eliminated from the LOOSING team(the two teams in the bottom).
  • After we get 5-15 votes, the next round will begin. *WARNING: The first 4 ROUNDS will be DOUBLE-ELIMINATION so be cautious when you vote.
  • In the END there will be 1 contender standing, they will win the name of KING/QUEEN of Music Competition HISTORY..............................................


TGP Team Rank Date Eliminated Glee Team Rank Date Eliminated
Aylin Bayramoglu Lea Michell
Blake Jenner Amber Riley
Lindsay Pearce Darren Chris
Alex Newell Melissa Beonist
Shanna Henderson Dean Geyer
Michael Weisman                                 Jacob Artist
Emily Vasquez Chris Colfer

American Idol Team Rank Date Eliminated X-Factor Team Rank Date Eliminated
Kelly Clarkson Melanie Amaro
Carrie Underwood CeCe Frey
Jordin Sparks Fifth Harmony
Kris Allen Carly Rose
Philip Philips Josh Krajcik 26th May-5th-2013
Candice Glover Emblem 3 27th May-5th-2013
Angie Miller Tate Stevans 28th May-5th-2013

Round 2: Poll (25 Remain)

Which team consist of the strongest actors? (Double-Elimination)?

The poll was created at 16:35 on May 5, 2013, and so far 6 people voted.

Progress Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Alex WIN
Amber SAFE
Angie SAFE
Aylin IN
Blake RISK
Candice SAFE
Carrie SAFE
Chris SAFE
Darren SAFE
Emily IN
Fifth H. IN SAFE
Jacob SAFE
Jordin SAFE
Kelly SAFE
Lindsay WIN
Melissa SAFE
Michael IN
Philip SAFE
Shanna IN
Josh 26th Round 1- Singing Ability
Emblem 3 27th Round 1- Singing Ability
Tate 28th Round 1- Singing Ability
Color Description (Rounds 1-6)
1st The contestant won The Glee Project All-Star Battle
2nd The contestant won second place
3rd The contestant won third place
4th The contestant won fourth place
OUT The contestant was eliminated
WIN The contestant was part of the winning team and won that week
INV. The contestant has invinsibility due to winning the past challenge
SAFE The contestant was part of the winning team(chosen by public) and was safe.
SAFE The contestant was part of the team that was chosen to be safe by ranomizer.
IN The contestant was on the loosing team but had no/little votes to be eliminated
HIGH The contestant was part of the winning team, and almost won the challenge
LOW The contestant recieved many votes, but was not at risk of elimination
RISK The contender recieved a high amount of votes and was at risk of being eliminated

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