Love Games: Episode 2

             "Whatever It Takes"

Nikki: Everybody please meet me in the living room in 5 minutes.

*Everybody goes down to the living room*

Robert: Well guys as you all know Tyler and Bryce are no longer competing for love. They have been eliminated.

Nikki: That's Right! Sadly, the competition is only going to get harder and harder. So with that said please get ready for your next HGIC Challenge in an hour. But before you all go I have a little surprise for you all, well its now little its a game changer. 2 new contestant's will join the house. 1 former Glee Project Girl and 1 former Love Game's Runner-Up and is on Glee. Please welcome Marissa Von'Blaicken and Dean Geyer!

Marissa: Hey Guys!!!

Dean: *Smirks* Hey.

Robert: They will compete with you guys as well. Begin from this week foward these guys will be part of the house and part of your competition.

*Everybody is in Shcok*


Lindsay: What is this?!? Dean is fine as hell so I am okay with him entering the house but Marissa? She is now my real competition because she is very pretty and can win a guys heart just like me.

Samuel: Sure, why not? Give me even more competition by enterign last season's runner up in the competition. *Sarcsm* Seriously I am very worried now considering I was the last one called back last week.

Lily Mae: This is perfect! With Marissa here I can make my alliance strong, well my soon to be alliance. *WINKS*

Dean: I can defenitly feel the Hate, but little do they know I am here to Win and beat all of their asses.

Marissa: Strange that my close friends are ignoring me. I guess since it is a competition. I am here to win and win it all.

Bacl to Normal:

Nikki: What are you waiting for? Go get ready for your next HGIC Challenge!


Robert: Are you guys ready?!?

Nikki: Girlz, this week you will have to guess who said what. Basically the guys each said something they like about girls and you will have to guess what guy said that. Ready? Marissa we will begin with you. Then Lindsay,Lily,Aylin,Shanna, and finally Emily.

Samuel Skinny Girls
Damian Personality
Cameron Sweetness
Matheus Sexy
Blake Good in Bed
Michael Attitudes
Abraham God Cooker
Charlie Big Trunk
Mario Big Breast
Dean Good in Bed
Maxfield Accents
Guys: Samuel Damian Cameron Dean Blake Michael Abraham Charlie Mario Maxfield Matheus Total
Aylin +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +8
Lily +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +0 +1 +0 +8
Shanna +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +9
Emily +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +10
Lindsay +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +1 +0 +1 +1 +1 +9
Marissa +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +9

EditNikki: This week's HGIC by 1 point, again, is........... Emily!

Emily: *Gasp* I am so happy. *Confesional: This Bi****es Better be ready because hurricane Emily is coming for them*

Nikki: Emily, you know have ot choose a date for yourself, and one for each other girl and girls I want you to know that the HGIC and the runner-ups for the challenge will get to take a second date so this means that Lindsay,Emily, Shanna, and Marissa you may take a second date.

Emily: Well Nikki, I am takig Michael as my date. For Lindsay, lets give her Dean. Marissa, I give you, Samuel. Lily is gonna be with Blake. Shanna your with Cameron. Aylin you will be with Charlie.

Nikki: Thank you Emily, not please follow me to the style suit.

Emily: *Gasp* This is so pretty! *Chooses a outfit for the date*

Nikki: Emily, please take a look at the HGIC Card.

Emily: It says keep closed till eliminaition.

Nikki: That is right. This card could be a game changer so please bring it to the ceremony. Now lets see what you got as a gift!

Emily: *Opens Box* A beautiful dress! This is so pretty thank you!

*Everybody is getting ready to go and the girls have to get a second date*

Emily: Abraham will you like to be my sexcond date?

Abraham: Gladly. *Hug each other and Abraham goes get ready*

Shanna: Maxfield, would you like to be my second date?

Maxfield: Defenitly! With my eyes closed! *Shanna Blushes*

Lindsay: Damian, will you be my date?

Damian: Defenitly, beautiful. *Lindsay kisses Damian*

Marissa: So, Matheus will you like to be my second date?

Matheus: I will be honored. *Marissa smiles*

1 hour passes................everybody is ready to go. They arrive at a club.

Lindsay & Damian/Dean Date:

Lindsay: So, Dean I know you are new here but who do you feel a connection with?

Dean: Honestly, with you. You are gorgeous and any guy will be lucky to kiss those beautiful pink lips any day. *Lindsay blushes*

Lindsay: How about you Damian?

Damian: No one else but you. The defenition of Perfect is Lindsay Heather Pearce.

Lindsay: Awww.........that is so sweet! If only I had the HGIC this week. I would defenitly save you guys. Sadly, Emily has the power so we need to keep an eye out with her. We should defenitly gather some guys and make sure that when it is time for a girl to leave that the girl will be Aylin. I mean she is here for Charlie and it's obvious.

Damian and Dean: Agreed!

Dean: I mean I dont know her, but just by looking at them you can see they have a romance.

Lindsay: Well then, we know who we need to take out.

*Start to dance and take shots*

Shanna & Cameron/Maxfield:

Shanna: I defenitly feel I can count on you guys when it comes to eliminaiting one girl, right?

Maxfield: You defenitly have my vote to stay.

Cameron: Mines too. *Confessional: Shanna and Maxfield have a strong connection so I have to find a way of taking him out before he steals her heart before I do.*

*Start Dancing*

Aylin & Charlie:

Aylin: We need to take a break. We can't just be really good friends because it rubs off the wrong way to others. We were purposly placed together because everyone knows we feel something for each other. I defenitly want to win with you but in order to do that we have to forget about each other for a little untill we make it to the end.

Charlie: I will do anything you sayas long as it keeps us both in the competition.

*Start making out*

Marissa & Matheus/Samuel

Marissa: So guys, I know I entered today but I feel I can win this with either one of you guys. Do you feel the same?

Samuel: I defenitly do!

Matheus: So do I. I am so glad you came in the house because If not I wouldnt have not 1 person to have my back.

Marissa: I will have your backs till the end.

Lily Mae & Blake:

Lily: Who are you here for?

Blake: Lindsay. I am going to win with her.

Lily: Well it looks like new boy, Dean, has pretty good chance with her because they are kissing.

Blake: That doesnt mean anything. It is a game, you know?

Lily: Well, Lindsay is a manipulaiting person so she could easily backstabb you and in the end she wont be with you.

Blake: Lies. Lindsay is a super sweet person.

Lily: Well, we will see about that soon.

Emily & Michael/Abraham:

Emily: Well I chose you guys because I feel like you guys are the only guys that will be here for me till the end.

Michael: I am here for you and will be till we win this thing together. *Emily Blushes*

Emily: Howabout you Abraham?

Abraham: Defenitly. I mean come on who wouldnt want to be with you.

Emily: *Smiles* Aww..... *Confessional: I do NOT believe a word Abraham is saying but I am playing along, but little does he know that their asses can be in eliminaition tonight.

*They all go home and gather around the living room*

Emily: Well as you all know I have to choose 3 guys to put up for eliminaition and I have decided who they are. I am going to call out the order of the guys I saved which are:









Emily: This means Abraham, Charlie, and Matheus. You guys are up for eliminaition.

Eliminaition Ceremony:

Nikki: So as you all know Charlie, Abraham, and Matheus are up for eliminaition. Please bring the guys.

*Guys walk in*

Nikki: Emily please open your HGIC card.

Emily: You have to give all the power to 1 girl.

Nikki: That means 1 girl will decide who leaves and who stays. Emily who are you going to give that power too?

Emily: To Shanna.

Nikki: So Shanna you will have to decide who leaves and who stays. The 2 guys staying are?

Shanna: I defenitly want to save Charlie. You owe me one A(Aylin).

Shanna: This is tough but I am going to send Abraham home.

Nikki: I am so sorry Abraham but your Love Games end here. *Abraham hugs Nikki and walks out*


Abraham: I defenitly did NOT expect to be in the Bottom 3 or even going home! But what happens happens. I am leaving this competition with my head up high so this is not the last you hear of me.

Back to Cermony:

Nikki: This competition is getting INTESNE!! It is only going ot get harder and harder from here foward so get ready!!

Next on Love Games:

Lily begins to manipulate everybody in the house, saying that Lindsay has to go.

Lily: Well as we all know, Lindsay is here to break 1 heart after another. You guys should stick to saving one of us 5 girls rather than Lindsay.

Blake: I don't know. :/

Michael: That could work.

Nikki: This power is a gtame changer. Use it wisley!

TBA: Yes. I will, you don;t have to worry about that.

Spoilers for Episode. 3:

Lindsay & Blake are making out by the beach.

Aylin and Charlie shower together

Lily Mae kisses Charlie

Michael has a connection with Shanna

Shanna and Maxfield are seen in a private locaition making out at the Beach.

Aylin and Lindsay are seen crying at the ceremony.

Shanna has scared face while Marissa is smiling and Lily has her eyes closed.


Contestant Episode
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Dean 3rd
Samuel 9th 5th
Damian 8th 7th
Cameron 4th 6th
Matheus 3rd 10th
Maxfield 10th 4th
Blake 1st 2nd
Michael 2nd 1st
Charlie 5th 9th
Mario 6th 8th
Abraham 7th 11th
Bryce 12th
Tyler 13th


Episode # Title Original air date
1 "Game On" April 18, 2011
Five former Glee Project Girls and 15 hot Glee Project guys move into a swanky mansion looking for love. But when the games start, there is no stopping them. Let the backstabbing begin! 
2 "Whatever It Takes" April 25, 2011
The competition is only getting harder and harder so the girls plan an alliance to take Lindsay out as soon as the week of eliminaiting 2 girls come. Little do they know 2 girls will be leaving and not 1. The guys are discussing who they feel they are here for. 1 new guy enters the house and 1 new girl.
3 "Who Will The Guys Kick Out" May 2, 2012
4 "Rythem Method" May 9, 2012
5 "Shopped or be Dropped" May 16, 2012
6 "Six Girls Enter Two Go Home" May 23, 2012
7 "And Then There Were Three" June 6, 2012
8 "Last Couple Standing" June 13, 2011

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