Love Games: Episode 1

 Glee Project Contestants Need Love Too

Robert: Welcome Girls! So glad to see you all, once again!

Nikki: Well as you all know, you came here to compete for LOVE! Are you ready too meet the guys?!?

Girls(All): YES!!!!

Nikki: Welcome the Guys!!! You all may know them! They are: Samuel, Damian, Cameron, Matheus, & Bryce. They are the season 1 guys! Alex is'nt competing because of his prefrence of sexuality but we are pretty sure he will stay tuned with the show.

Robert: Meet the other half of the guys! They are Blake, Michael, Abraham, Charlie, Mario, Tyler, & Maxfield!!

Nikki: Now Girls, as you all know, there will only be 1 couple standing in the end of this journey. One of these guys will be paired with one of you girls and will be called the Ultimate Love Games Couple!!

Robert: Now I want you all to get ready because you are going to have a HGIC Challenge, right now!

Nikki: That is right. HGIC stands for Head Girl In Charge. Meaning that which ever girl that wins HGIC for the week will recieve a special power that can be a game changer. They will also recieve a gift from us. They will have a chance to go to the Style Room to get ready for their dates and last but not least will have the power to nominate 3 guys for eliminaition.

Robert: Dang! Thats alot of power! But remember thats when all your power ends. In the eliminaition ceremony, it will be up for the other 4 girls to decide who goes home.

Nikki: Are you all ready?!? Meet us back here in an hour for your first HGIC Challenge. Now GOOO!

Lindsay: This is going to be tough competition, but I am here to have fun and win of course.

All: *Laugh*

Lily Mae: Well what are we waiting for! Lets go inside and see our new place for the summer!

All: *Gasp*

Shanna: Oh My Gosh! This place is HUGE! Girls Girls! Look at our room!!

Lindsay: OMG! This is like heaven!


Lindsay:  I am not so excited about sharing a room with these girls, but I am not worried about the competition. I can easily influence all of them and in the end all the guys will be after me. I will win.

Shanna: This house is heaven on earth! I am on cloud nine right now! Honestly! Well, my competition would be both Lindsay and Aylin. I mean they are the most flurtaitious in my eyes. I consider Lily Mae and Emily are flurtaitious but won't win. So my targets are Lindsay and Aylin.

Cameron: This girls are all amazingly beautiful! I am ready to win one of their hearts. Like seriously any will be fine by me.

Charlie: Ahhh! The first time I ever saw Aylin, I knew she had to be mine. Right now I feel that we could both win, but you never know. This house is going to be filled with drama and skeeming litle plans.

Back to Normal:

All: *Getting Ready*

Robert: Guys! Come Down here!

All: *Walk down to the living room*

Nikki: How did you guys enjoy the house?

All: *Talk about it's beauty,space,etc.*

Nikki: Well to the guys. Enjoy it because 1 of you will be going home,TONIGHT!

All: *Shcocked*

Robert: So, please follow me!

*Robert leads them to the backyard*

Nikki: Your first ever HGIC Challenge will happen here.

Robert: That is right. Guys look for your name and please stand behind the stand that says your name.

Nikki: Girls, this will be a pretty nice challenge for you guys! Yoy will have to guess what part of the guys body is their favorite. Whether their Face, Chest, Hair, or Arms.

Robert: Well Guys that is right! You will need to lock in your answers now! Then after you have done that you will need to take off your shirts.

*All the guys take of their shirt*

Nikki: Well girls are you ready? Aylin, you will be the first girl going up.

Aylin: This is going to be tough but I think I can easily become the first HGIC!

Nikki: Are you ready? Begin!EditEdit

Samuel Hair
Damian Face
Cameron Hair
Matheus Chest
Bryce Chest
Blake Chest
Michael Arms
Abraham Hair
Charlie Hair
Mario Arms
Tyler Hair
Maxfield Chest
Guys: Samuel Damian Cameron Bryce Blake Michael Abraham Charlie Mario Tyler Maxfield Matheus N/A
Aylin Hair Face Hair Chest Chest Arms Face Hair Arms Hair Chest Chest +11
Lily Hair Arms Hair Arms Face Arms Face Hair Chest Face Chest Chest +6
Shanna Face Face Face Arms Chest Chest Face Hair Chest Face Chest Arms +4
Emily Hair Arms Face Arms Hair Hair Face Hair Arms Arms Chest Chest +5
Lindsay Hair Face Hair Chest Chest Arms Hair Hair Arms Hair Chest Chest +12

Nikki: By 1 point, this weeks HGIC is........... LINDSAY!

Robert: Aylin you got 11/12 points, Lily you got 6/12, Shannah you got 4/12, and Emily you got 5/12.

Nikki: Well Lindsay congrats! You have to think about 3 guys you will put up for eliminaition tonight and please follow me to the Style Suit. But before that happens, please choose a date for yourself, and one for each of these girls.

Lindsay: Well I want to choose Blake as my date. Michael as Lily Mae's date. Tyler  for Emily. Charlie for Shanna and Damian for Aylin.


Lily Mae: That was intense! I didn't do so good but I tried. Lindsay congrats but you are a sneaky B****! You are competition so I have to keep an eye for you.

Cameron: Im glad Lindsay won. She is fine as hell and I think that she won't put me up for eliminaition. I am bummed that I wasnt chosen as a date but maybe I can look at this brightly and I wont be in eliminaition.

Blake: So excited to be going with LINDSAY! I am here for her, Team Lindsay all the way. Though I do have to look like I am not so the other girls won't realize.

Mario: Real scared for tonight. I don't have a date so I could easily be put in the Bottom 3.

Aylin: That B****! She knew me and Charlie had something going so she went and gave him to Shanna! Wait till I become HGIC! She doesnt know what is coming for her!

Back to Normal:

*Lindsay enters style suit & gets ready for her date, she recieved a Michael Kors purse as a gift*

Nikki: Well thats nice. Now look at the HGIC Card. What does it say?

Lindsay: Keep sealed till eliminaition.

Nikki: Basically keep it sealed to elimiaition, it could be a game changer.

*Everybody is ready for their dates. They arrive at a fancy resturant. Lindsay has a VIP spot away from the other girls*

Lindsay & Blake:

Lindsay: So, I need to know if you are here for me? Not for Aylin, not for Shanna, not any other girl but me.

Blake: I am here for you and only you. But I need you to know that I need to pretend I am not so I won't be eliminated early in the competition.

Lindsay: I understand.

Both(Lindsay & Blake): Keep talking about each other's lifes and then...........

*Both KISS!!*

Lily Mae & Michael:

Lily Mae: Hey! You look handsome tonight. *Confesional: I feel that I could win this game with Michael but I have to keep options open*

Michael: Well you look Lovely! I want to tell you I am Team Lily. I am here for you and I want to win this game with you, but at the same time I have to look like I am not so others won't realize.

Lily Mae: Aww. Thats so sweet! I understand the concept so yeah but I think we should start and alliance with others to take Lindsay down. She is the only real competition in this game right now.

Michael: I agree. I can talk to the guys and you talk to the girls. *Confesional: I like Lily but little does she know I am Team Lindsay*

Lily: Deal!

Aylin & Damian:

Aylin: So.....*Akward Silence*

Damian: Don't worry I know you and Charlie have something going so I won't even try.

Aylin: Who told you that?!?! That is a lie! We are just close friends.

Damian: Everyone in the house knows. Shanna has been going around telling everyone!

Aylin: She is lying. *Confesional: I am scrwed! Either I get away from Charlie a little or I will be one of the 2 girls going home pretty soon.*

Emily & Tyler


Shanna & Charlie:

Shanna: Don't even try to tell me that you are Team Shanna. I know you are Team Aylin, so don't you try.

Charlie: What are you saying? I am not team Aylin! Who told you?

Shanna: It's Obvious now lets go we have to leave.

*They all arrive at the house*

Lindsay: I am nominaiting 3 guys! I already know who they are so I am just going to call out in order of who I save:










Lindsay: Meaning the Bottom 3 this week are Maxfield, Tyler, and Bryce.

3 Bottom 3 Guys: *SHOCKED & PISSED*

Eliminaition Cermony:

Nikki: So as you girls know, Lindsay chose 3 guys to be up for elimininaition. Now it is up to you 4 girls to decide who goes. Please bring in Tyler, Maxfield, and Bryce.

*Guys Walk In*

Nikki: Lindsay, please open the HGIC Card.

Lindsay: *Opens the card and begins to read* You have the power of 2.

Nikki: Thats right. After the girls decide to eliminate a guy you have the power to eliminate another. Now girls please tell me the guy you want to send HOME after they plead their cases.

Tyler: I want to find Love and thats basically it. I know I can have a relaitionship with any of you so I am here for all of you.

Maxfield: Well, I adore you all but I feel like I am Team All! Right now I have nobody, so I can easily hook up with any of you gorgeous gals.

Bryce: Well, the expirience has been awsome untill now so I will love to get to know you all better.

Nikki: Girls who do you want to eliminate?

Lily Mae: Tyler

Shanna: Bryce

Emily: Tyler

Aylin: Tyler

Nikki: Sorry Tyler but your Love Games end here.

*Tyler walks out*

Nikki: Now Lindsay, will you use the power?

Lindsay: YES.

Nikki: Who are you going to send home?

Lindsay: Bryce.

Nikki: I am so sorry Bryce but your Love Games ends here. *Bryce walks out* Maxfield you live to fight for love another day. Please join the other guys. Girls that was tough but it is only going to get harder and harder. Now go get some rest because you have a packed day tommorow.

Next Episode on Love Games:

Lily: We need Lindsay OUT!

Other Girls(Shanna,Emily, & Aylin): Agreed.

Lily: We can start and alliance and convince the guys that are here for us to eiminate her when time comes.

Cameron: So who are you guys here for?

Michael: Lily Mae *Confessional: Does Cameron think I am stupid enough to tell him who I am here for? Well little does he know that I am lying.

Cameron: The guys arestupid enough to tell me who they are here for. I can use this agaisnt them.

For more Informaition on Love Games stay tuned till next week.



Contestant Episode
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Lindsay HGIC
Aylin SAFE
Lily Mae SAFE
Shanna SAFE
Emily SAFE
Samuel 9th
Damian 8th
Cameron 4th
Matheus 3rd
Maxfield 10th
Blake 1st
Michael 2nd
Abraham 7th
Charlie 5th
Mario 6th
Bryce 11th
Tyler 12th


Episode # Title Original air date
1 "Game On" April 18, 2011
Five former Glee Project Girls and 15 hot Glee Project guys move into a swanky mansion looking for love. But when the games start, there is no stopping them. Let the backstabbing begin! 
2 "Whatever It Takes" April 25, 2011
The competition is only getting harder and harder so the girls plan an alliance to take Lindsay out as soon as the week of eliminaiting 2 girls come. Little do they know 2 girls will be leaving and not 1. The guys are discussing who they feel they are here for.
3 "Punch Drunk Love" May 2, 2012
4 "Rythem Method" May 9, 2012
5 "Shopped or be Dropped" May 16, 2012
6 "Five Girls Enter Two Go Home" May 23, 2012
7 "And Then There Were Three" June 6, 2012
8 "Last Couple Standing" June 13, 2011

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