Love Games: Episode 3

     "Who Will The Guys Kick Out"

Nikki: Welcome back Boys and Girls!! This week is going to be a tough one because ONE GIRL will be leaving the house alongside 1 guy.

Robert: That is right! So this week girl you will have to fight to win the guys hearts.

Nikki: Also, this weeks HGIC Challenge gives the winning girl IMMUNITY! Thats right IMMUNITY!

Nikki: Girls, this is a challenge you want to WIN! So lets get right into it! Be ready in 1 hour because that is when your next HGIC Challenge will happen!! *Niki & Robert leave the house*


Lindsay: I am going to win this challenge no matter what! I can not be at risk of being sent home, not this early in the game!

Aylin: If I win this I will have a reason to be the girls target so I mean I would Love to Win it and be saved but I rather take a risk because soon their will be another eliminaition.

Back to REGULAR:


Robert: Are you all ready for the next HGIC Challenge?

All: YES!!!

Nikki: Well for this challenge you will have to divide the guys between all of you 6 girls. Meaning you will have 1 guy on your team. 4 guys will sadly sit out.

Robert: That is right. Basically you will need the guys to answer questions, like which girl likes strawberries the most? If they answer Shanna they will be correct but lets say they answer Lindsay they will be incorrect. As all the girls know we asked you questions and you all answered. there will be 12 answers in total. Are you ready!?





Lily Mae-Dean



Michael, Damian, Cameron, and Matheus sat out this round.


1) Favorite Fattning Food?

2) The girl you wanna see loose first?

*Each girl answered these questions making it 12 answers.


Lindsay French Fries
Aylin Chicken Burgers
Shanna Burgers
Emily Grilled Cheese
Marissa Pizza
Lily Cookies
Lindsay Aylin
Shanna Lily Mae
Aylin Lindsay
Emily Lindsay
Marissa Emily
Lily Lindsay
Girls: Lindsay.1 Shanna.1 Aylin.1 Emily.1 Marissa.1 Lily Mae.1
Blake +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Samuel +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Charlie +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +1
Maxfield +1 +1 +0 +1 +1 +1
Dean +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Mario +0 +1 +1 +0 +1 +1
Girls: Lindsay.2 Shanna.2 Aylin.2 Emily.2 Marissa.2 Lily Mae.2 TOTAL
Blake +1 +1 +0 +1 +1 +1 +11
Samuel +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +12
Charlie +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +10
Maxfield +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +11
Dean +1 +1 +1 +0 +1 +1 +11
Mario +1 +0 +0 +0 +0 +1 +6

Niiki: Congratulaitions.............MARISSA! You are this week's HGIC! Meaning you have a special power, plus immunity so the guys can NOT vote you off and you will have a private date locaition!

Marissa: *Hugs Samuel* Thank You so so much! *KISS* Well I defenitly want to take Samuel as MY date. Maxfield with Shanna. Blake with Lindsay. Lily Mae with Charlie. Emily with Cameron. Aylin with Damian.

Nikki: Well, be ready in 2 hours everyone! Now Marissa, please follow me to the style suit. *Walk to the style suit*

Marissa: *Gasp* This is beautiful!'

Nikki: Thats right! Now look at you girft!!

Marissa: OMG! Thank you all so much! (A beautiful 350 dollar dress) This is what I am using tonight. *Both Laugh and SMILE*

Nikki: Well, Marissa now please open the HGIC Box. *She opens*

Marissa: There are 2 cards in here. *Puzzled*

Nikki: I know. One says keep sealed till eliminaition and the other one you can open RIGHT NOW!

Marissa: *Opens card* The power to save one player.

Nikki: This means you will have the power to give immunity to one of the girls that are up for eliminaition. Do you know who you want to give it too?

Marissa: Defenitly! I want to give it too.......................... Lindsay.

Nikki: Well alrighty then! I will make Lindsay aware of this at the ceremony and then the guys. There are now 4 girls up and they are Lily, Shanna, Emily, and Aylin.

*2 hours later*

*They arrive at the beach*

*There won't be a special descusion this week there will be a summary of all*

Lindsay & Blake:

Lindsay: I am here for you Blake. I want to win with you, but I need to know if you are here for me?

Blake: Who else will I be here for?


Marissa & Samuel:

Marissa: Thank You! You made me win the challenge this week! I am here to win with you <3

Samuel: Me too. I just hope you don't backstabb me in the end like most girls.

Marissa; Trust me, I won't.

Shanna and Maxfield:

Shanna: I am here for you, i seriously love you but i need you to be here for me.

Maxfield: Darn Right I am!

Lily Mae and Charlie:

Lily Mae: So, how is Aylin and Charlie going? (Mad Face)

Charlie: It is NOT true! I am here to play and win, why would I make it so obvious that I am here for someone no! So to be honest I am here for you.

*Conversaition keeps going about hometown and life*


Arrive at the House:

Marissa: Well as we all know I had to nominate 3 guys and I have made a decision. If I call your name you are saved!








Sorry but Damian, Mario, & Charlie you will be up for eliminaition.

Eliminaition Ceremony:

Nikki: Well as you all know the bottom 3 are Charlie, Mario, and Damian. Marissa also had another power and it was to saver 1 girl from eliminaition and she chose....... LINDSAY.

Lindsay: *Gasp* OMG thank you Marissa! *Hug each other*

Nikki: This means that the guys have chose between SHANNA,LILY, EMILY, AND AYLIN. First we will eliminate a guy and then a girl. Are you ready well girls tell me who you wanna save from these guys:

Aylin: Charlie

Lily Mae: Charlie

Lindsay: Damian

Shanna: Damian

Emily: Damian

Marissa: Damian

Nikki: Thank you girls. Damian, you are safe. You live to fight for LOVE another day please go join the other guys.

Nikki: Now girls please choose a guy to ELIMINATE:

Aylin: Mario

Lily Mae: Mario

Lindsay: Charlie

Shanna: Mario

Emily: Mario

Marissa: Charlie

Nikki: Sorry Mario but you are eliminated and do not live to fight for LOVE another day in this house. PLease pack your bags and leave immidietly.Now please bring all the guys in. *Guys walk in*

Nikki: Now guys please choose to SAVE 1 of these 4 girls: SHANNA/LILY/EMILY/AYLIN:

Charlie: Aylin +1

Michael: Shanna +1

Blake: Shanna +1

Dean: Emily +1

Damian: Shanna +1

Samuel: Aylin +1

Mathues: Shanna +1

Maxfield: Shanna +1

Nikki: Congratulaitions Shanna you are saved and live to fight for love another day.

Nikki: Now please choose 1 girl to ELIMINATE from the house.

Charlie: Emily -1

Michael: Aylin -1

Blake: Emily -1

Dean: Lily Mae -1

Damian: Emily -1

Samuel: Aylin -1

Mathues: Aylin -1

Maxfield: Emlily -1

Nikki: Sorry Emily but you are leaving the house. Meaning you will not live another day to fight for love in this house. I am so sorry. Please pack your bags and leave immidietly.


Emily: Sad to be going home, But I am ready to pringle like a mingle at home so CHICAGO be ready.

Back to Ceremony:

Nikki: Congrats! There are 9 guys left and 5 girls left. Only 1 couple will win LOVE GAMES! It is going to get harder from now own so all of you need to get sleep because tommorw you have plenty of dancing to do *smirk*

Next Episdoe on Love Games:

Nikki: The challenge is dancing!


Shanna & Blake go on a date.

Lindsay & Lily Mae confront each other.



Contestant Episode
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Marissa SAFE 'HGIC'
Dean 3rd 2nd
Samuel 9th 5th 1st
Damian 8th 7th 8th
Cameron 4th 6th 6th
Matheus  3rd 10th 7th
Maxfield 10th 4th 5th
Blake 1st 2nd 3rd
Michael 2nd 1st 4th
Charlie 5th 9th 9th
Mario 6th 8th 10th
Abraham 7th 11th
Bryce 12th
Tyler 13th


Episode # Title Original air date
1 "Game On" April 18, 2011
Five former Glee Project Girls and 15 hot Glee Project guys move into a swanky mansion looking for love. But when the games start, there is no stopping them. Let the backstabbing begin
2 "Whatever It Takes" April 25, 2011
The competition is only getting harder and harder so the girls plan an alliance to take Lindsay out as soon as the week of eliminaiting 2 girls come. Little do they know 2 girls will be leaving and not 1. The guys are discussing who they feel they are here for. 1 new guy enters the house and 1 new girl.
3 "Who Will The Guys Kick Out" May 2, 2012
4 "Rythem Method" May 9, 2012
5 "Shopped or be Dropped" May 16, 2012
6 "Six Girls Enter Two Go Home" May 23, 2012
7 "And Then There Were Three" June 6, 2012
8 "Last Couple Standing" June 13, 2011

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