Glee Project & Glee: Survivour

                      18 REMAIN!

*Welcome! This is a competition where you get to say who WINS! A glee character or a glee project contender? You decide! To learn how the gmae works look at the comments! I did an example that does count lol i wanna play too! Well basically you save 10 people(++) and eliminate 10 people(--). I will update everytime someone reaches 0 they will be eliminated! This is going to take a while LMFAO!

**Every person that has made it up to the TOP 20, are the TOP 20 FAN FAVORITES! Who will be named the ULTIMATE GLEEK? You DECIDE! GET VOTING,MAKE YOU FAVORITES MAKE IT TILL THE TOP 12!!


1- Glee Stars (12 REMAIN!)

2- TGP 2 (6 REMAIN!)

3- TGP 1 (2 REMAIN!)

Current Rankings *Peach colored means ELIMINATED*EditEditEdit

Contestant Current


Season They Were  On Amount of Votes LEFT
Lindsay Pearce 1st Season 1 55
Blake Jenner 2nd Season 2 51
Michael Weisman 3rd Season 2 49
Ryder Lynn 4th Glee 43
Marley Rose 5th Glee 43
Aylin Bayramoglu 6th Season 2 42
Jake Puckerman 7th Glee 32
Rachel Berry 8th Glee 30
Harmony 9th Glee 30
Shanna Henderson 10th Season 2 27
Emma Pilsbury 11th Glee 18
Kitty Wilde 12th Glee 18
Santana Lopez 13th Glee 15
Dean Geyer 14th Glee 13
Noah Puckerman 15th Glee 12
Marissa Von'Belicken 16th Season 1 11
Quinn Fabray 17th Glee 10
Nellie Veintenheimer 18th Season 2 10
Mercedes Jones 19th Glee 00
Ali Stroker 20th Season 2 00
Maxfield Camp 21st Season 2 00
Mario Bonds 22nd Season 2 00
Blaine Anderson 23rd Glee 00
Kurt Hummel 24th Glee 00
Cameron Mitchell 25th Season 1 00
Taryn Mai 26th Season 2 00
Damian McGinty 27th Season 1 00
Samuel Larsen 28th Season 1 00
Mike Chang 29th Glee 00
Alex Newell 30th Season 1 00
Lily Mae Harrington 31st Season 2 00
Ellis Wylie 32nd Season 1 00
Tina Cohen-Chang 33rd Glee 00
Charlie Lubeck 34th Season 2 00
Artie Abraham 35th Glee 00
Hannah Mclwain 36th Season 1 00
Sugar Motta 37th Glee 00
Sue Sylvester 38th Glee 00
Brittany Pierce 39th Glee 00
Myckinleigh Abraham 40th Season 1 00
Finn Hudson 41st Glee 00
Emily Vasquez 42nd Season 1 00
Will Shuzter 43rd Glee 00
Lauren Zizes 44th Glee 00
Dani Shay 45th Season 2 00
Matheus Fernandez 46th Season 1 00
Abraham Lim 47th Season 2 00
Sam Evans 48th Glee 00
Bryce Ross-Johnson 49th Season 1 00
Tyler Ford 50th Season 2 00

Section Order

Fierce Mario Bonds Blaine Anderson Hannah Mclwain Will Shuzter Ali Stroker
Competition Samuel Larsen Taryn Mai Marissa Von'B. Noah Puckerman Cameron Mitchell
Powerhouse Lily Mae Harington Marley Rose Emma Pilsbury Kitty Wilde Nellie Veintenheimer
Underdogs Kurt Hummel Bryce Ross Mike Chang Michael Weisman Aylin Bayramoglu
Dream Matheus Fernandez Dean Geyer Harmony Quinn Fabray Jake Puckerman
Victorious Emily Vasquez Dani Shay Alex Newell Brittany Pierce Myckinleigh Abraham
Neons Maxfield Camp Blake Jenner Lindsay Pearce Charlie Lubeck Ryder Lynn
Eye Catchers Lauren Zizes Tyler Ford Artie Abraham Tina Chang Shanna Henderson
Limitless Ellis Wylie Sue Sylvester Sugar Motta Damian McGinty Santana Lopez
Keeping it Real Abraham Lim Mercedes Jones Finn Hudson Rachel Berry Sam  Evans

* 20 REMAIN! For the NEXT 8 ELIMINAITIONS, I would LOVE it if you would SAVE 10 Contenders and ELIMINATE 10 based on your FAVORITES. The least FAN FAVORITES will LEAVE.

**Considering there are ONLY 20 contenders left, vote on favorite of yours. Remember you SAVE HALF & ELIMINATE THE OTHER HALF. 20/20. Once we reach 19 left i will change the votes to 5/5 so hurry and GET YOUR VOTES IN. EVEN IF YOU VOTED TODAY ALREADY GO AHAEAD BECAUSE THIS IS A NEW ROUND!

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