Glee Project: Ultimate Games

Hey, guys, Eli here! I know this is like something completely different from any other blog I have done, but I will consider this the new era of The Glee Project Wiki Tournament. This is The Ultimate Glee Project Games!

In this game show, there will be at least 12 contestants competing to do fun activities and only one will win the title as the TGP-Gleek Champ!

In these games, 12 contestants will be split into two teams, both teams will be able to make their own group name, have a team captain, and will be able to trade members from another group.

Want to audition? Go down and audition, it'll be great!



  • First Name/Username:
  • Favorite Character on Glee:
  • Favorite Song on Glee:
  • Why Should You Participate in The Glee Project Games?:

It's all about having fun and being yourself, we're only looking for people who promise good effort and confidence. Audition! :D

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