• Ryley Lover

               The Voice: Glee Invasion

                      Live Show - TBA

                          7 Remain

    Welcome to my The Voice season 1. It is back. This time we will begin from the start. There are 6 stages:

    1- Blind Auditions (These 48 passed)- COMPLETE

    2- Battle Round (6 from each team survive and 2 steals from each coach so total of 8) -- COMPLETE

    3- Knock Out Rounds (4 from each team move on to the LIVE PLAY OFFS, top 16)- COMPLETE

    4- Live play off (1 from the top 4 of each team is eliminated)- COMPLETE

    5- Semi-Finals (Top 12-Top 4)

    6- Final (Top 3)

    Christina Aguilera's Rank Date Eliminated Blake Shelton's Rank Date Eliminated
    Alex Newell
    Emily Vasquez

    Jake Puckerman
    Shanna Henderson 8th May-15th-2013
    Aylin Bayramoglu
    Marley Rose 10th May-12th-2013
    Kurt Hummel 16th…

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  • Ryley Lover

                The Battles of the Shows

               Round 2: Acting Ability

                            TOP 25


    Hello there! My name is Eli. You may remember me from Battle of the OTP'S season 1 & 2 or from my many blog posts, but most likely from The Glee Project All-Star Battle. Congrats to Lindsay. She was named the STRONGEST Contender to ever hit TGP History. Now this season will include competitors from OTHER TV SHOWS. Will Lindsay be strong enough to beat them? Or will her old rivals come back and beat her. You decide. Are you ready?

    I've decided to continue the series. If you don't know a contestant, look them up. If your that lazy and dont want too, just boot them out. That won't be fair though.

    Well, as you can see the 28 competito…

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  • Ryley Lover

          The Glee Project All-Star Battle

            Congrats to: LINDSAY (1st)


    Welcome! My name is Ryley Lover, or you can say ELI. This game is going to be more or less like Mannuel's but with a diffrent prize and twist. It will be  continued no matter what and it is way better than his, no im just playing. But seriously this game will be fun. Spread the word. When 12 REMAIN, its every contender for themselves. Who will you name the strongest glee project contedner in tgp history? Who will win the GLEE PROJECT BATTLE? That is ultimetly up to you! Let the games BEGIN!

    Teams are OVER. Every contedner for themselves.Last week, nobody went home! All 4 advanced to the FINALE!

    This week is the LAST week. You decide who is the strongest TG…

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  • Ryley Lover

        Survivor: Glee-Glee Project Style

                        05 REMAIN!

    Welcome! This is season 1 of survivour. Only 5 remain. Choose the WINNER! Who will it be? Its up tpo you

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  • Ryley Lover

               Survivor: SHIP Style

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