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  • RobHiro02

    OH MY GOSH! MAXFIELD IS GONE!!! WHY? I Want to see more of him :'( I'm soooo disappointed!

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  • RobHiro02

    So Last Year the Glee Project crowned two winners and 2 runner ups. The winners (Damian, Samuel) were promised 7 episodes but they got more than they were promised. The runner-ups (Lindsay, Alex) appeared in 2 episodes each (Lindsay was supposed to be in 3 eps but her scene got cut).

    As we can see there are possibilities that Rory (Damian), Joe (Samuel), & Wade/Unique (Alex) will be on season 4 as members of ND.

    I Hope this season's TGP will produce excelent talent so that RIB can get more characters. I'm hoping for more than one winners :D

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