• Be attractive, or at least non-conventially so-- no ugly people end up on this show.
  • Be a redhead (not an automatic, but there's always at least one)
  • Physical Disability, but still musically active (wheelchair, prosthetics, partially deaf, etc)
  • Neurological Disability, but have overcome it (depression, epilepsy, ADHD, low-spectral autism)
  • Varied Body Size (esp girls)
  • Androgeny (incl. trans characters)
  • LGTB (trans, homosexual, bi, cross-dressing, etc)
  • Minority Ethnicity (Black, Asian, Indian, Jewish, etc)
  • Minority Religion (Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc)
  • Minority Genre Preference (esp country)
  • Attitude/Ferocity, but with a button (some vulnerability) that can reduce you to tears
  • Musicianship (play guitar, ukelele, keyboard, etc)
  • Have an interesting musical background (just started, belonged to a touring blues group, started a college acapella team, etc)

Archetypes That Usually Appear

Can be more than one

  • The Mean Girl/Guy
  • The Nice Girl/Guy
  • The Nerd
  • The Christian
  • The Clown
  • The Diva (usu. Guy)
  • The Country Character
  • The Shy-Turned-Sexy Character


  • Contestants often get set against each other in rivalries, though such pairs don't necessarily make it to the final six/seven (in whole or part)
  • Usually one contestant will quit

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