Hi again everybody, and welcome back to The Glee Project: Fantasy Edition! Congrats to everyone who made it through Theatricality to Week 5-- only 6 more weeks until we have a new star on Glee!

So this week is an important one: Vulnerability. Your characters will need to dig deep and really push themselves to prove their worth in this one.

First: the person to prove their worth to? Naya Rivera, the guest mentor! And to prove yourself to her, you'll be singing Constant Craving by kd Lang.

Second: the video itself. The first season's theme was insecurities, and the second was bullying. This season's theme for Vulnerability week will be about relationships, and the changes and loss within them. Not necessarily romantic ones either-- you can talk about your parents, friends, etc.

So below are the lyrics for the Homework Assignment for you to pick and choose from. In your note, also let me know what your character thinks about the theme, the mentor, the song, and especially what they're going to be talking about when Erik brings up the theme of the Music Video.

Line 1:
Even through the darkest phase
Line 2:
Be it thick or thin
Line 3:
Always someone marches brave here beneath my skin
Line 4 (All):
And constant craving (Constant craving)
Has always been (Always been)

Line 5:
Maybe a great magnet pulls
Line 6:
All souls towards truth
Line 7:
Or maybe it is life itself
Line 8:
That feeds wisdom to its youth

Line 9 (All):
Constant craving (Constant craving)
Has always been (Always been)

Constant craving
Has always been
Has always been
Has always been

So there you go-- dig deep guys! Don't be afraid to put yourself out there!

Remember, this is due by Wednesday, and good luck!

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