Well done and welcome to Week 4: Theatricality! This is the week for showing off your ability to take crazy themes and really show your range. And with a guest mentor like Sarah Jessica Parker, you know it's going to be fun.

So now, besides picking homework lines, feel free to comment on how you think your contestant is going to pull off this week. Are they energetic and over-the-top? Do they have a history on stage? Or do they just love people in crazy outfits? Also, are they excited about seeing yet another Broadway veteran as a guest mentor, or do they wish someone else was here instead of SJP?

The Homework Assignment for this week is "Shy" from the musical Once Upon a Mattress (has your contestant ever heard of it?) Check out the lines below and send a comment including your top 1-3. I'm also including SJP's performance just so you have an idea of what I hear in my head.

Any thoughts about anything for the week is good, including any on-or- offset interactions/issues/etc; so definitely post back and let me know!

Line 1:
Hey nonny nonny is it you?
Hey nonny nonny nonny no.
Line 2:
Hey nonny nonny is it you or you or you or you or--
Line 3:
Someone's being bashful
That's no way to be, not with me
Line 4:
Can't you see
That I am just as embarassed as you
Line 5:
And I can understand your point of view
I've always been SHY
Line 6:
I confess it I'm SHY
Line 7:
I'm aware that it's wrong to be meek as I am
My chances may pass me by
Line 8:
I pretend to be strong, but as weak as I am
Line 9:
God knows that I try
And though I'm painfully SHY
Line 10:
I'm insane to know which sir, You sir?
Line 8:
Not I sir
Line 1:
Then who sir, where sir and when sir
I couldn't be tenser
Line 6:
So let's get this done man
Line 2:
Get on with the fun man
Line 10:
I am one man
The darling's one man

Tony Awards :Once upon a Mattress " Shy "03:40

Tony Awards :Once upon a Mattress " Shy "

Sarah Jessica Parker singing "Shy"

Good Luck!

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