Hey guys! So Theatricality is up, and I know I'm just shy of being late with episode updates, but I promise I'm trying really hard and I'll work even more to make sure the finished product is up by Sunday.

Which brings us to...Last Chance Performances. You guys know the drill: check out the song, and the notes, and let me know what you think your character would say or do to keep their spot on the show. You can bring up their past performances, or what the mentors haven't given them the opportunity to show yet (in acting, singing, or personality). Even if it's not your character, feel free to comment (but if it is your character, definitely comment)!

With that in mind, the Bottom 3 are:

  • Lily van Buren:
    • Notes: lost confidence and faded in music video, but showing growth in getting it back this week (esp important if she brings up her body image insecurities)
    • Performing: I Feel The Earth Move by Carole King

  • Jake Wilson:
    • Notes: too much ego-- the mentors still don't feel like they know who the real Jake is, and they are still looking to see if there are diva issues remaining.
    • Performing: One by U2

  • Drew Meritt:
    • Notes: trouble focusing-- the mentors see Drew all over the place on set and in rehearsals, and are concerned he's not mature enough to be on a television show.
    • Performing: It's Time" by Imagine Dragons

Again: try to include anything to help your contestant--why the they should stay, what is driving them to be on Glee and what they bring that no one else can.

The due date for this is once again Saturday/Sunday, and I'll try to get it up by Sunday/Monday (I know, short notice-- but I'm trying).

Also, I haven't been able to convince anyone to write in an Exit Interview (sad face), but if you were eliminated, or are eliminated in the future, there is a place for your own personal touch and thoughts.

So check out the episode! Write feedback! To all of you that made it back, congratulations! To those on B3, good luck!

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