Hi everyone! I have just finished Sexuality, all the way to the Reveal of the Bottom 3 (duhn duhn dun)!

So once again we are on to Last Chance Performances. Ryan will be seeing:

  • Linda Gerin,
    • Notes: struggled in the studio with confidence, looked uncomfortable throughout the shoot.
    • performing: Take Me or Leave Me from RENT

  • Felix Sorgerg,
    • Notes: was distracted and distracting during choreography rehearsal, unprofessional during the video shoot.
    • performing: PYT (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson

  • Drew Meritt,
    • Notes: seemed cocky throughout the week, distracted during the choreography rehearsal, unprofessional during the video shoot.
    • performing: The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Once again, for LCP's I'd love to hear any feedback on interpretations or why you think Ryan should keep them around. Keep in mind why they feel they should be on Glee in the first place, and that Sexuality week is about being confident in your body and yourself.

The due date for this is once again Saturday, and I'll try to get it up by Sunday.

Also, whoever is not called back, I'd love for you to include your own Exit Interview (there will be a space for it) of your thoughts, etc.

So check out the episode! Write feedback! To all of you that made it back, congratulations! To those on B3, good luck!

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