Hi everyone! So Individuality is up, all the way to the reveal of the Bottom 3 (duhn duhn dun)!

The next step, of course, is Last Chance Performances. Ryan will be seeing:

  • Callie Rose Hadley,
    • Notes: lost her fire in the Music Video; struggled with confidence in the Studio
    • performing: Ring of Fire, made famous by Johnny Cash

  • Zachary Holmes Jr,
    • Notes: struggled in the studio considering his experience, lack of energy in the shoot
    • performing: Bridge Over Troubled Waters, written by Simon and Garfunkel (the gospel version sung by Aretha Franklin)

  • Dylan Richardson,
    • Notes: struggled to relax in the studio (overthinking), looked confused/lost in the shoot
    • performing: Never Say Never, by The Fray

So for LCP's I'd love to hear any feedback on interpretations or why you think Ryan should keep them around. Remember, it's about Individuality and what makes you inspiring-- everyone on this show can sing and is talented.

I'm changing the due date to Saturday for feedback, because I'd like to get this out by Sunday so we can start all over again. Also, whoever is not called back, I'd love for you to include your own Exit Interview (there will be a space for it) of your thoughts, etc.

So check out the episode! Write feedback! To all of you that made it back, congratulations! To those on B3, good luck!

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