This entire post is based on the assumption that there will indeed be a Season 3 of The Glee Project.

So I've been mulling over Taryn's disappearance for awhile, and I've figured it out (and if everyone else already got there, well phooey on you-- I'm slow): Taryn's inexperience and tragic circumstances, along with her early disappearance from the show, make her a perfect candidate for Season 3's cast!


  • Taryn disappeared without a final interview, giving the producers a perfect in for re-introducing her
  • Being unseasoned as a performer and contestant (relatively speaking), she would make a great pull for characters, but without having any high expectations for being featured last season.
  • Yes, the passing of her grandmother and her brother so closely is horrible and deserves respect, but since when do reality shows really consider anything without an extra angle?
  • More importantly, the fact that in the three episodes (incl. The Final 14) that Taryn appeared, they never mentioned her loss.
    • With these factors, Taryn is practically a shoe-in to win next season's Vulnerability

Most importantly (IMO), Taryn never sang a Keep Holding On. While understandable for the circumstances, I just don't believe that the execs would have had the compassion to let her out of that key feature without having a plan of bringing her back.

All of this is hugely dependent on two things: Taryn herself, and the contract that they supposedly "let her out of" (which they may have just adjusted). But I just really want to see Taryn get a solid foot into TGP-- get another HWA, MV, and an LCP.

So please Ryan? Bring her back!

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