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  • Raybelle

    Hi again everybody, and welcome back to The Glee Project: Fantasy Edition! Congrats to everyone who made it through Theatricality to Week 5-- only 6 more weeks until we have a new star on Glee!

    So this week is an important one: Vulnerability. Your characters will need to dig deep and really push themselves to prove their worth in this one.

    First: the person to prove their worth to? Naya Rivera, the guest mentor! And to prove yourself to her, you'll be singing Constant Craving by kd Lang.

    Second: the video itself. The first season's theme was insecurities, and the second was bullying. This season's theme for Vulnerability week will be about relationships, and the changes and loss within them. Not necessarily romantic ones either-- you can…

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  • Raybelle

    Hey guys! So Theatricality is up, and I know I'm just shy of being late with episode updates, but I promise I'm trying really hard and I'll work even more to make sure the finished product is up by Sunday.

    Which brings us to...Last Chance Performances. You guys know the drill: check out the song, and the notes, and let me know what you think your character would say or do to keep their spot on the show. You can bring up their past performances, or what the mentors haven't given them the opportunity to show yet (in acting, singing, or personality). Even if it's not your character, feel free to comment (but if it is your character, definitely comment)!

    With that in mind, the Bottom 3 are:

    • Lily van Buren:
      • Notes: lost confidence and faded in m…

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  • Raybelle

    Well done and welcome to Week 4: Theatricality! This is the week for showing off your ability to take crazy themes and really show your range. And with a guest mentor like Sarah Jessica Parker, you know it's going to be fun.

    So now, besides picking homework lines, feel free to comment on how you think your contestant is going to pull off this week. Are they energetic and over-the-top? Do they have a history on stage? Or do they just love people in crazy outfits? Also, are they excited about seeing yet another Broadway veteran as a guest mentor, or do they wish someone else was here instead of SJP?

    The Homework Assignment for this week is "Shy" from the musical Once Upon a Mattress (has your contestant ever heard of it?) Check out the…

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  • Raybelle

    Hello contestants! So Dance-ability is up and ready, all the way to the Reveal of the Bottom 3. And I hope you all know by now what that means...

    Last Chance Performances. Ryan will be seeing:

    • Carter Russo,
      • Notes: consistent problems in the studio, struggling to balance standing out and working with a group.
      • performing: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

    • Lance Smith,
      • Notes: trouble with choreography, overthinking onset, allowing personal feelings to take away from scene.
      • performing: Hopelessly Devoted to You from Grease.

    • Jake Wilson,
      • Notes: diva attitude during the week, trouble with choreography and vocals.
      • performing: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

    So, as an LCP-er (or any contestant), I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on their song, from…

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  • Raybelle

    Congratulations to everyone that survived the double-elimination! It was definitely hard to get through. And welcome to Week 3! If you missed what happened in Sexuality--which means I just spoiled part of the ending-- you can still go back and read it.

    Okay, with everyone on the same page, the theme for this week is...Dance-ability! I know a lot of the contestants don't think dancing is their strong point, but what type of dancing can they do? (Line dancing? Broadway? generic party moves like moonwalking or the worm?) Are they high energy in their moves or totally unable to control their body?

    The Homework Assignment for this week is "What I Like About You" by The Romantics. As per usual, I'm going to post the lyrics below, and I'd love to …

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