So after five episodes, we still have nine contestants hoping on getting a spot on Glee, and I wanted to tell you all my view on the remaining contestants.

Side note: This is all just my opinion about them, and know that if i sound less enthousiastic about a person, i really mean well. I like all the contestants who are still in the competition and admire them for their talent and for doing what they want to do.

In Alphabetic order:

Abraham: So the asian heterosexual male with female “Attributes” has been doing pretty well in the competition. He was one of my favorites in the beginning of the season, but isn’t attracting my attention quite anymore. In my opinion, he has been toning down with standing out moments together with his hair…man, I liked the red hair better. But back to just him in general, I feel that he has been going further into the background, which I’m hoping for will change in future episodes.

Ali: Dear sweet Ali…she is really a sweet person who’s nice and happy, but she hasn’t really been standing out in the episodes. But when they are focusing on her, she just sound like a great person. I’m not a big fan of her voice, but sometimes I find it really good. But ultimately, i think that she will not win The Glee Project.

Aylin: The flirting muslim who now has a thing going on with Charlie, has been improving over the weeks. After her LCP during Individuality, she has been doing better and learning fast. Though her voice isn’t my favorite, she does sound really great and certainly has a good personality for the show.

Blake: The sweet handsome tall guy, Blake has been doing really well in the competition. His personality, acting skills and performances have been one of the best from the contestants and I think that he will certainly one of the finalists of this season.

Charlie: The guy with the many Last Chance Performances…Charlie has been saved more times from elimination than that I’ve listened to Ali talk. His personality was more his thing that was interesting to him, and I feel that he hasn’t been showing that a lot during performances except the LCP. Though off-screen when the contestants are just goofing off, he and Aylin are being cute as hell.

Lily: At first I thought of Lily as the new Lindsay, when some of the things she said were really just annoying, but it really changed for me. I like her more now and she has been good during the show. During Dance-ability and Vulnerability she had a LCP, and I think that even though she has been doing better and has a great voice, if she gets another LCP, she will be out. But that’s because I think that Ryan Murphy will ultimately not want to write for her. Though I’m still rooting for her.

Michael: The hot math geek is definitely my favorite…I mean, I can watch the show just for him and his voice. But he hasn’t been on the screen a lot, though when he’s on, he has been doing well. His only really bad week was Sexuality and that was because he was in his head too much. But overall, I think he is one of the people who have the most potential of winning The Glee Project.

Nellie: The person most people are rooting for, Nellie. I really like her as a person, performer and overall everything she is, is really good for the show. Though her weak point is that she lacks confidence that some of the other contestants have, which can make a breaking point for her during the show. But still, I hope that she will go further than Fearlessness week.

Shanna: The sweet catholic girl with a heart of gold, Shanna has been one of my favorites since day one. Her voice is in my opinion the best of all the girls and her happy personality is definitely good for the show, and when she has to, she can act very well. I think that she can also go very far into the competition.

So this is my point of view on the contestants, and I’d like to hear your opinions about them. So leave your comments below about how you think of them and what your favorites are.

Thanks for reading my Blog :D

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