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Not Much is known about the filming of The Glee Project. But here are some things that have either been confirmed or are highly speculated to be true.
  • The contenders bring their own clothes and are allowed to dress themselves for everything except music videos. For the videos, they have costume designers but they are allowed to tell wardrobe and make-up what kinds of clothes they like.
  • There are mounted cameras in some parts of the house and overhead cameras in the bedrooms but most of the show is filmed using handheld cameras. Mounted cameras are not allowed in the bathroom and handheld cameras are only allowed sometimes (if the contenders are just talking, putting on make-up, ect.).
  • The contenders are filmed walking up to a fake callback list many times and the last time they walk up it's real. They look at the list one at a time and are then told to wait in another room until everyone has seen the list, the contenders are not told who saw the list before or after them. After everyone has seen the list they are allowed to say goodbye to the eliminated contender.
  • The contenders do their confessions one at a time and are given a list of questions they need to answer. The contenders are allowed to answer these questions however they want. It is assumed the confessions are done in private and the contenders have no idea what was said until the episode airs.
  • In season 1 and probably season 2, Keep Holding On is filmed the morning after a contender is emilimated, probably to give them time to pack up their things and say goodbye.
  • The contenders are not allowed to contact their friends or use computers. They are given 1 week off near the end where they are allowed to go out. After filming The Glee Project, the contenders can tell their parents (not their siblings, friends, ect.) who was in the final episode but not who won. The contenders are allowed to call their parents once a week but not their friends or other people in their family.
  • The contenders are paid, but not as much as if they were on glee.
  • The band doesn't play music, they are just acting.

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