Hi, so as you all know, yesterday was the finale of the second season of the Glee Project. I just wanted to write a blog on my thoughts and not necessarily popular opinions that I normally don't share. Feel free to write your own comments below if you think differently from me, but don't hate me, I won't bash you for your opinions.

Since you are here, you probably know who the winner was anyways, so I feel it's pointless to put a spoiler warning. So let's move on.

I really didn't want to be in anyway spoiled of the finale, Oxygen did an excellent job of spoiling Shanna's elimination in Romanticality two weeks ago, when they had Blake and Aylin in the promo for Actability after showing Blake, Shanna, and Aylin had just done their LCPs and Ryan deciding who to let go. Thank you Oxygen for not spoiling the winner for me before the actual scene. So, I did my best to avoid this Wiki yesterday so I don't get spoiled.

Last year, they had TWO winners and the TWO runner-ups got consolation prizes. Not surprisingly (to me at least) they said that they were only going to pick ONE winner. ONE person would be on Glee for seven episodes, and apparently, the runner-ups would go empty-handed this time. In the end, it was Blake who got the 7 episodes. So Ali and Aylin leave with nothing.

I was honestly shocked with Blake winning. No offense, but Blake was easily my least favorite out of the three, in fact, probably my least favorite out of they final five even. But I have zero against Blake, I'm happy for him and his fans that he won, it's just that I personally was a little dissapointed because I didn't really think he was as original as Aylin or even Ali. TBH, I woud be a little happier if they got second place prizes, but I'm sure they weren't allowed to do that this year.

Through the season, I honestly thought Aylin had the competition in the bag, I really thought she would win, I really thought she was original and would inspire many people. I really thought she was the show. I am not Turkish nor Muslim myself, so my preference towards her story is unbiased. Really, I felt it was a gurantee that she would win, but boy was I wrong.

Apparently Ryan tweeted this and I quote: "Fan: I want Aylin on GLEE. Me:Me too." I can't help but think this is Ryan's way of trolling, you just can't trust him all the time. I don't hate him like most fans, but I think he really likes to troll us with things we want like that but then never make them happen.

Anyways, I also thought Ali was interesting, at first I thought she wouldn't make it far because she was in a chair and we had that story already, but she was definately more than that. I noticed that she barely ever mentioned that she was in a wheelchair, which I thought was pretty cool. I like how the writers came up with a bitch character for her.

I never really liked Blake too much because I never really saw him as an underdog, he was a good actor, attractive, and he was athletic. I feel like picking Blake was the easy choice, you get what I'm saying. It was kinda like Finn all over again. Oh well, as long as Ryan turn him into Finn 2.0 or anyone 2.0, I'll be happy. The writers better not make his character poorly developed like Damian. I bet Blake will be a great addition to Glee, even though I thought Aylin or Ali would have made better ones.

As for Aylin and Ali, I'm sure both of them will have great careers in their future. I know they'll be sucessful. They'll go far, whether they get on Glee or not. When they release albums, I'm sure they will, I be sure to buy them.

So who did you guys want to win? Were you happy that Blake won? And let me ask, if you could pick any of the final 14 contenders to be the winner of the Glee Project, who would it be? My pick would be Nellie, my personal favorite. And like I said, feel free to write what you want below as long as you don't hate. That's the end of my crazy rant, and I will be excited for Season 4 of Glee.

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