Ok so I'm starting a fanfic where all TGP Contenders and the mentors and a bunch of other people are invited to Ryan Murphy's mansion for a dinner party, but find themselves trapped in the mansion with no way of getting out or communicating with the outisde world. All my inspiration goes to Manuel and Sam's Harpers Island fanfic. Since some of these characters weren't on TGP, i'll create bios for each them ASAP. I'm co-writing this with Lead The Careers


Abraham - Abraham is a former Glee Project contender. He considers his closet friend to be Tyler. Abraham also cannot walk or run very well because of stress fractures in his foot he still has from filming for The Glee Project (Tenacity week).

Alex - Alex is the co-runner-up of The Glee Project 1. He is known by his cast mates as "The Diva", and he loves singing Whitney Housten and dressing up as a drag. Alex is currently working on a new project along with McKynleigh.

Alfredo - Alfredo is Ryan Murphy's butler and personal assistant. He knows all the secrets of the mansion, and find his way through the gloomy and confusing hallways. He is also an ex-convict who murdered three men in Europe.

Ali - Before The Glee Project, Ali was in a horrible accident and had to be put in a wheelchair. AFter making it o the finals on The Glee Project, she had a short relationship with Mario, before realizing her true feelings for Dani.

Alicia - Alicia is Emily's twin sister who looks exactly identical to Emily. The two get confused a lot, and the only way to tell them apart is by a birthmark on Alicia's left foot.

Alyssa - Alyssa is McKynleigh's bitchy girlfriend who is obsessed with Twitter and Facebook and the social media. She likes to keep her followers updated all the time via her iPhone.

Aylin - Aylin is a Turkish-Muslim who made it to the finals of The Glee Project. After the filming of the show, she officially announced her relationship with Charlie. Since then, the two have gotten married and Aylin is pregnant with their baby, Chaylin.

Blake - Blake is the winner of The Glee Project 2 and is engaged to Maria. Though he loves Maria, he secretly has some feelings for Nellie. Also, he is a member of the two-man band, the Peanut Butter Brothers, along with his best friend Michael.

Brege - Brege is Marissa's younger sister who has always been jealous of her older sister. Throughout her life, Brege has had to live up to Marissa, and she's sick of it. Secretly, she is planning on getting revenge on Marissa.

Brooke - Brooke is the assistant choreographer for The Glee Project, along with Zach. She is a very kind person on the outside, but on the inside she is jealous of Zach, and plans on getting rid oh him so she can become head choreographer.

Bryce - Bryce is a former Glee Project contender and currently a pop recording artist. He has released multiple singles, and has lots of fans. But, he has a very bad attitude, which is why he was eliminated from The Glee Project in the first place.

Cameron - Cameron is a former Glee Project contender and currently a singer/songwriter. Cameron is geeky and fun, and all the girls love him, but all the guys hate him. He was also Demi Lovato's first boyfriend.

Charlie - Charlie is a former Glee Project contender. Charlie is a fun, lovable guy who is married to Aylin, and is soon-to-be that father of their baby, Chaylin.

Damian - Damian is the co-winner of The Glee Project 1, along with Samuel. He is from Ireland, and he is really friendly. Though secretly, he is jealous that Samuel got more screen time on Glee than he did, and he is currently planning his revenge.

Dani - Dani is a former Glee Project contender and currently the founder of Be More Heroic, which she started with her girlfriend, Ali. Dani doesn't identify herself as a boy or a girl, but more of "a mix" between the two.

Ellis - Ellis is a former Glee Project contender and now, she is currently doing nothing with her life. So far, she has gotten nowhere in her musical career, and this makes her all mean and bitchy to other people. She also formerly had a crush on Damian.

Emily - Emily is a former Glee Project contender. She is a sexy Latina who loves flirting with guys. She used to have a crush on her former cast mate Bryce. She was also very mean to Lindsay during the filming of the show.

Erik - Erik is a director who worked on The Glee Project. He makes lots of music videos with people like Christina Aguilera. He also directed and made all the music videos for The Glee Project. He is known for his catchphrase at the end of every shoot, "And that is a wrap! Great job everyone!"

Hannah - Hannah is a former Glee Project contender. She is sweet small town girl who is very self-concious about her weight. She used to have a crush on cast mate Damian, but since then has moved on and the two have become good friends.

Lily Mae - Lily Mae is a former Glee Project contender. She consideres herself to be a very large girl, but she is still very confident about her appearance. She used to have a crush on former cast mate Blake.

Lindsay - Lindsay is the co-runner-up of The Glee Project 1. She seems all nice on the outside, but actually she is a bitch who wants to be the star of Glee. She is also rivals with Ellis.

Maria - Maria is Blake's fiancé who got invited to the party by Blake, who insisted that she come and meet all his Glee Project friends. Secretly, she thinks that Blake is cheating on her with Nellie, and wants to find out what is going on between the two.

Mario - Mario is a former Glee Project contender and currently a world renowned blind pianist and singer. Mario had a short relationship with Ali, before Ali realized her true feelings for Dani.

Marissa - Marissa is a former Glee Project contender. She has a beautiful voice, and long ginger hair, which she is very proud of. She has a sister, Brege, who she loves very much.

Matheus - Matheus is a former Glee Project contender. Matheus is an unusually small man for his age, who has a very beautiful voice, which most people would not expect from him. It is unknown what Matheus does for an occupation.

Maxfield - Maxfield is a former Glee Project contender, and currently a country singer who released an EP named after himself. He is currently single, but he is very good friends with Shanna and McKynleigh.

McKynleigh - McKynleigh is a former Glee Project contender, and currently a country singer. McKynleigh is also a lesbian, and she is dating Alyssa, who she loves a lot. McKynleigh is super friendly to everyone and is never mean.

Meghan - Meghan is Michael's ex-girlfriend who got invited to the party a year earlier by Michael, when they were still dating. She still wanted to come so she could try and get Michael back.

Michael - Michael is a former Glee Project contender and currently a member of the two man band, the Peanut Butter Brothers, along with Blake. After his relationship with Meghan, he and Nellie had a fling, but since it ended he's wanted her back.

Nellie - Nellie is a former Glee Project contender, and is now a famous singer/songwriter. Shortly after Michael and Meghan broke up, Nellie and Michael had a fling, but since it ended the two have become good friends. Nellie also secretly has a crush on Blake.

Nikki - Nikki is a mentor on The Glee Project. During the filming of Season 2, she was pregnant, and she recently had her baby, Noah, no May 12, 2012. She is very kind and friendly to all of her friends and former Glee Project "students".

Noah - Noah is Nikki's baby. Not much is known about him, except that he likes to bite.

Robert - Robert is the casting director for The Glee Project. He is a really sweet and nice guy who always gives everyone a shot at achieving their dreams. He is currently Ryan's right hand man, and visits him often.

Ryan - Ryan is the producer and director of The Glee Project, Glee, The New Normal, and American Horror Story. He usually only gives white male's the lead's in his shows, and ignores the ones who are more talented and more diverse.

Samuel - Samuel is the co-winner of The Glee Project 1. He is national celebrity, and adores all of his friends. He has girlfriend, who sadly, could not come to the party because she was filming for a movie that she's starring in.

Shanna - Shanna is a former Glee Project contender, and currently a singer. She co-wrote a song with Nellie, and has made multiple covers on her own. She is very kind and sweet and loves to quote from the Bible.

Taryn - Taryn is a former Glee Project contender and currently a hit pop/rock n' roll recording artist.Her debut single, "Who Do I Have To Be", became one of the most popular songs to ever hit the charts in the U.S. She wears sunglasses all the time and likes hanging with her "groupies".

Toni - Toni is Nellie's overprotective mother who likes to follow Nellie wherever she goes. Toni insisted on going to the party with Nellie just to make sure her daughter was safe and didn't get hurt.

Tyler - Tyler is a former Glee Project contender. When Tyler was 18, he decided to become a man instead of woman (he was originally named Brittany). Because of that, he has a very high voice, and he feels awkward whenever he moves because he is still getting used to his own body.

Zach - Zach is the head choreographer for The Glee Project and Glee. Zach is a fun, lovable guy who is also gay, which makes him very vulnerable. Though, all of The Glee Project contenders said he was their favorite mentor, and that they love him.



Progress Chart

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Abraham A
Alex A
Alfredo H
Ali A
Alicia A
Alyssa A
Aylin A
Blake A
Brege A
Brooke A
Bryce A
Cameron A
Charlie A
Damian A
Dani A
Emily A
Erik A
Hannah A
Lily Mae A
Lindsay A
Maria A
Mario A
Marissa G
Matheus A
Maxfeild A
McKynleigh A
Meghan A
Michael A
Nellie A
Nikki A
Noah A
Robert A
Ryan G
Samuel A
Shanna A
Taryn A
Toni A
Tyler G
Zach A
Taryn D
Ellis D

L The contender survived this episode.
 A  The contender arrived to the mansion in this episode.
 A  The contender arrived to the mansion in this episode, but is trapped in the cellar.
 H  The contender was hurt this episode, but did not die.
 D  The contender was killed in this episode.
 S  The contender committed suicide this episode.
 G  The contender disappeared in this episode. It is unknown if they are dead or alive.
   The contender was revealed as the killer in this episode.
 U  It is unknown what happened to the contender during this episode.

Death Chart

Place Name Killed by Cause of death
39th Ellis Matheus (by accident) Poisoned soup
38th Taryn Unknown Bomb, lit on fire
37th Zach Brooke Pushed off the stairs, fell three stories
36th Marissa Brege Stabbed in the abdomen

Day One

Alfredo's POV

I watch as the car's pull into Sir's circular driveway. Sir was very tired, and decided to take a nap before the gust's arrive. I don't bother Sir, I will wake him when it is time for dinner. Tonight I make a very good dinner. I'm a very good cook, if I do say so myself. My phone rings, I pull it out. It is Sir asking me to come help him choose clothing for tonight. I will go help him now. I welcome all the guest's to the Mansion, then I go upstairs to help Ryan, I mean Sir.

Shanna's POV

I look around the magnificent foyer of the Mansion. "Wow..." I whisper. The place is beautiful. There is a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and floor is covered with the most decorative Persian rug I've ever seen. I look over to Maxfield. He seems as awed as I am.

Ever since filming for the finale ended, I've found myself thinking about Maxfield wherever I go. I find myself staring at him, so I quickly look away so it's not obvious that I like him. I try and find the butler that welcomed us to the Mansion, but he has disappeared.

Meghan's POV

This party blows. It's boring, and I haven't even met anyone significantly famous yet. The only reason I'm here is to get Michael back. God all these people are so stupid. I push past everyone. "Where the hell is Michael?!" I say, shouting slightly. Then I see him.

Michael's POV

"Oh no, oh no no no no no NO!" How did Meghan get here? Oh, I'm so stupid! I invited her, before we broke up. But why is she here? She storms up to me and grabs me by the collar of my nice shirt. She pulls me in close and whispers, "Hello Michael... so nice to see you again."

I pull away, "Meghan, why did you come?" "Oh you know," she says, "so we could catch up, hang out, get back together." She smiles slyly.

Toni's POV

I pull up into the circular driveway with Nellie. "Ok honey, we're here." My daughter sighs. "Mom, you didn't have to come... plus, you're gonna embarrass me in front of all my friends." "I know sweetie," I reply, "but I just wanted to make sure you got here safely. I'll leave before dinner start's, k honey?" I kiss Nellie on the head.

We get out of the car and walk up the front steps. Weird, I think, Where's the butler?. We can't open the front door because it's locked, so we have to wait outside until butler comes and opens it for us.

Nellie and I sit next to each other on the steps. "You know I love you." I say to her. "I know Mom," Nellie replies, "I love you too." I give Nellie a kiss on the cheek, then it gets really silent. I don't know what to say.

Ali's POV

Me and Dani arrived 15 minutes ago, along with Alyssa and McKynleigh, who we agreed to drive to the party. We sit outside on the front steps with Toni, Nellie, and Nikki along with her baby Noah. We can't get inside because no one can open the door. I'm frustrated, but at least I have my love Dani with me so she can calm me down.

Matheus' POV

I'm in the kitchen, it's beautiful, and the smells, oh my god, it smells amazing. I walk over to a large pot over the stove, simmering. I took a cooking class in college, I know what I'm doing. I throw a couple of spices in the pot, and a green leafy thing, I don't know what it is but it smells good. Ellis walks over next to me.

"Hey." she says, "You cooking?" "Yea," I say, "wanna try?" She takes the ladle from the pot and takes a sip of the soup. All of the sudden, she turns stiff, and her eyes roll into her head. She falls to the floor, dead. "Oh my god!" I scream. It must have been the green leafy thing. I don't know what to do, so I pick up her body and push it into the closet. I'm sweating, but I take a deep breath and walk away from the pot, which is still simmering with the soup. Oops...

Maxfield's POV

I see Matheus walking into the living room from the kitchen. I don't see Ellis with him. There are only some of us here, the rest of us haven't gotten here yet, and it's getting late. And still, no one has seen any sign of the butler or Ryan.

Matheus seems all sweaty, and he is breathing heavily. Something's up, and I'm on to Matheus. He did something to Ellis in the kitchen, but what...?

Dani's POV

I've been sitting her for an hour, and it's starting to get dark. I'm sitting on Ali's lap, she fell asleep a little while ago. Toni, Nellie, Zach, Nikki, Noah, Alyssa, McKynleigh, Brege, Marrissa, Robert, Alicia, Emily, Hannah, Blake, and Maria are all with us.

Maybe there's a back door I think. I get up off of Ali's lap and walk around the Mansion. Nothing. I sigh. Oh, wait a minute, there's a basement door. I open it, easy peasy. I run back to everyone else.

"Guys! I found a door!"

Blake's POV

We walk through the door down into the deep, dark, cellar. Without warning, the door shuts behind us. I feel Maria grope for my hand. I hold back.

"There must be a light switch around here somewhere." I say, "Everyone run your hands along the walls." I put my hand against the smooth surface of the walls. Nope, nothing yet. Oh, here's one. I flick on the lights. Everyone blinks in the harsh yellow light. Then I notice... Marissa's gone.

Abraham's POV

As I stroll around the mansion, I realize that it's rather empty. Where is everyone? I cannot find Mr Murphy anywhere, Tyler's gone AWOL and I'm starving.

The room around me suddenly darkens, and I notice that the elaborate table lamp that sits peacefully on the small, varnished coffee table beside me, has suddenly turned off. I stumble through the darkness, hands outstretched until I feel the rough fabric lampshade beneath my fingers. I eventually flick the switch, and a hazy orange light illuminates the large room. As the outlines of the expensive furniture comes into view, I'm just about to walk, when I see something that almost makes my eyes pop.

I recognize him from the car park. He lies there, his suit caked in blood, his face and body inflicted with deep, bloody wounds and long claw scratches. He props himself up against the leather sofa, wincing in pain, tending to what looks like a stab wound in his leg. The silver badge on his jacket reads the word 'Alfredo'.

Brooke's POV

I come into the dining room with Taryn. What was supposed to be an elegant dinner party has turned out to be the most boring day ever. Half the guest's haven't shpwed up yet, Tyler and Ellis have gone AWOL, Matheus hasn't moved form his seat in the living room for two hours, and I haven't seen Ryan yet. And I'm starving.

Me and Taryn sit down. She sit's at the end of the table, while I sit a few seats away. Soon Bryce, Lily Mae, Lindsay, Michael, Meghan, Shanna, Maxfield, Aylin, Charlie, and Mario arrive. I guess the other's aren't hungry I think.

Taryn begins to speak, but I'm so tired that my I only hear half oh what she's saying. Then I hear the loudest boom ever. Smoke engulfed the poor little girl, and the chair shoots up in flames. I get up, "Someone look for something to kill the fire!!" I scream. But it's too late, I know she's dead, and there's nothing to do now.

Mario's POV

I can't see, but I can smell the smoke. I can hear the screams. I can sense the fear. I sit in my seat, calmly, while the others panic. There is nothing I can do, for I am blind. Goodbye, Taryn.

Aylin's POV

I'm alone in the living room, with Matheus. After Taryn was burned, we decided to split up to look for the murderer, and Tyler and Abraham. Since I am pregnant, I decided to wait in the living room and not move to much so I don't injure the baby. Matheus still hasn't moved since before dinner. I'm terrified, so I get up to the go to the bathroom.

On the way back from the restroom, I get lost. I can't see much, because there aren't many lights in the long hallways. All of the sudden, a ahnd covers my mouth. "You're going to stay silent if you want to live..." says a muffled voice. I nod. "Now, get up against the wall, keep your face turned away from me." I do what the voice says. "Now turn around." When I do, I feel a hand slug across my face. I feel myself fall to the floor, and the world turns black.

When I wake up, I can tell I don't have a baby inside of me anymore. I sit there, not moving, just crying.

Day Two

Nellie's POV

I force my stiff eyelids open and prop myself up on one elbow, my whole body aching. The light is dim, the only visible things the outline of my sleeping friends. Head pulsing, I drag myself across the rough floor, hands outstretched for any objects. My arms rub against the cold surface of the wall, so I run my hands across the seemingly endless wall until I find the light switch. I flick it down, and it takes a matter of minutes for the light to activate.

"Ugh, what is that?" I hear Blake's deep, chilling voice ask, and I see him stir as he covers his eyes from the sudden light. "Have we been down here all night?" I nod, and go around waking random people. My mom, Robert, Emily, Noah, Nikki, McKynleigh, Maria and...where's Zach?

Zach's POV

I hope the creaking of that heavy door didn't wake anyone up. It was tiny, but I managed to squeeze through; and if I can do it, the others can.

I slowly climb the carpeted stairs, feeling the fibres beneath my bare, grazed feet and ducking the gorgeous chandelier that hangs from the low ceiling, twinkling in the dusky morning light that shines through the windows. This house is so beautiful, and expensive. How does Ryan pay for all this? Jeez.

"How did you get out?" I hear a silky voice ask. My head whips round to see Brooke standing there, her bittersweet locks falling in tangled waves down her heart-shaped face, her dark eyes looking evil.

"There was a door I found," I reply simply, then step forward. Brooke immediately stumbles back, and I frown and stop in my tracks. "What's up?"

Suddenly, Brooke rushes forward with intense speed and clutches the front my heather-grey shirt, her pointed nose only centimetres away from my worried face. Her nostrils flare and her black eyes glow as if they were on fire. Her sharp knee pummels itself into my groin, and I double over in agonizing pain. She releases me from her clutches, and it takes only a few seconds for me to realize that I'm balancing from the edge of the top stair, about to go hurtling down. My hand outstretches, beckoning for Brooke to help me, but she places one cold, smooth hand on my chest and shoves me. I feel myself slip, and I know I'm head when the back of my skull smacks onto a hard, solid wooden step. My vision blackens. And I don't wake up.

Tyler's POV

"HEEEELP!!" I scream, over and over. I wipe the sweat off my forehead, tired and thirsty. "It's no use," I say, turning to Marissa, "We're trapped and there's no way out."

Marissa, grunts, turns around, and begins banging on the solid, concrete walls of the cellar. I't s been 14 hours, and both of us are tired, hungry, thirsty, and sleep deprived. I don't even remember how I got here, all I remember is exploring the mansion, then falling asleep somewhere, then, ending up in here, with Marissa. Man, life is so screwed right now!

Brege's POV

I stand, shivering slightly, in the darkness as I wait for her to speak. My fingers run across the cold surface of the dust-caked wall, searching for a source of light, yet the wall is free from light switches. There's a quaint musty odour spreading round the atmosphere, and I hold my breath in a feeble attempt to block out the aroma. "Where the hell are we?" I hear a familiar voice ask, and a smug grin spreads across my face.

"My, my, my. If it isn't my famous sister, Marissa Von Bleicken," I say, stumbling over to where my sibling's voice materialized from; I see the outline of her bright green eyes staring directly at me.

"Brege? What... how did you get in here?" she inquires, and my fingers enclasp round the handle of the meat knife I picked up from the kitchen. How dare she act so innocent?

"Oh, it was simple really. You see, when that Blake chap flicked the switch, it didn't just turn on that lightbulb. Ever heard of a turning wall?" I hiss, drawing my knife, ready for any action. Suddenly, I have her shoved up against the wall by her throat, my nose only inches away from her terrified face.

"What the f... what are you doing?! Let me go!" she screams, kicking and flailing, suddenly turned crazy. I shush, my knife pressing against her cheek. A dribble of blood swims down her jaw and drips off her cheek, staining her white lace top.

"Listen, bitch. I've been in your shadow for years. How is it that you get onto the Glee Project and stay for half the competition, then I audition and don't get into the Top 30? Well, I've put up with you long enough, sis!" I yell, jamming my fist in her windpipe, cleverly cutting off her speech.

"You'll get your go! I promise! But now, it's my turn! It's my turn!" she hollers, thrashing about as if she was being held under water, banging her limbs against the wall but she doesn't care. "It's my turn!"

"No," I say, and, taking a deep breath, I drive the knife deep into her abdomen. I let go of her throat, and she drops to the floor in a limp heap. "It's my turn."

Charlie's POV

It's been hours since Aylin has moved. Sobs and wails stream from her mouth, an endless wave of sound. And I don't even know why! I pull my pregnant wife close to me, stroking her hair, telling her it's going to be OK. I rest my hand on her stomach. That's when it hits me. He's gone. My baby... he's gone. I feel the tears begin to stream down my face, collect at my chin, then fall to the soft lace pillow beneath me.

"Aylin," I whisper, "Aylin, what happened. You have to tell me! Please!" No response. Her head lies on my knee, shaking with grief and sorrow. I pull her closer to me, but this time, I know not everything is going to be alright.

Abraham's POV

My eyes open a crack. Darkness. My eyes open further. I pull myself up. Where the hell am I? I think. I turn my head and see a body. Covered in blood. Cold. Unmoving. I muffle my scream of horror as I jump out of the bloodstained covers and onto the floor. What happened? Did I murder this man? Why can't I remember anything?

Panicked, I grab the lose sheets and drape them over the man. I quietly back away from the bed, out of the room, then I close the door. As I turn around, a young fellow with dark skin and milky eyes walks towards me. Hello Abraham," he says. "Lovely morning, but a sad day. We all are mourning Taryn's death."

I look around, confused. "What did you just call me?" I ask.

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