This is the sponsoring page where sponsors can give their team materials they need in order to do good in the competition. This is also where sponsors will decide their team's music video. Sponsors will have 12 hours to post after updates or their team will not receive any items.

The Teams

Team Sponsors Money

Robert Ulrich
(Cameron, Hannah,
McKynleigh, Mario,
and Nellie)

(with C.J.)


Nikki Anders
(Aylin, Bryce
Charlie, Emily
and Maxfield)

(with Mauricio)


Zach Woodlee
(Lily Mae, Lindsay
Michael, Samuel
and Taryn)

(with Delilah)


Erik White
(Blake, Marissa
Matheus, Shanna
and Tyler)

(with Joey)


Brooke Lipton
(Abraham, Alex
Damian, Dani
and Ellis)

(with Viv)



Here, you can supply your team with things they will need throughout the week.

Item Cost Use
Costumes $200* Music video/Diva-off
Extras $30* Music video
Lighting $3,000 Music video
Camera men $750* Music video
Boom mics $1,000 Music video
Make-up artists $200* Music video/Diva-off
Fake set $5,000 Music video

* = per person (individually)

Every week, I will post here what your team needs. It will be up to you (sponsors) to choose and pay for what your team needs. Remember, the more you give your team, the better, but make sure that you're not using all of your money in one week, then having no more money for the rest of the competition.

Team In need of... Total cost
Robert Ulrich Nothing $0
Nikki Anders Nothing $0
Zach Woodlee Nothing $0
Erik White Nothing $0
Brooke Lipton Nothing $0

Music videos

Every week, there will be a theme. It will be up to the sponsors to choose the song they would like their team to sing in their music video, respectably the song msut categorize into the theme. Each week, I will post the theme and you can comment below which song you would like your team to sing.

Week One

Sponsors, the first theme is musical week (aka theatre songs). Please comment in the next twenty four hours which song you would like your contenders to sing. Remember to keep updated on this blog for any more info you might need.


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